What are the ethics of corporate gift giving?

Corporate gifts leave behind an indelible mark. Hence, they need to be picked with lot of care. You cannot go ahead and gift something that is just pretty and attractive. It must ideally reflect your company philosophy or your brand image. At the same time, it must be in tune with the philosophy and image of the corporate client you’re planning to gift it to so that latter would well appreciate your gesture and would remember you for a longer time. Read More

Social gifting is the new buzz

A handful of Web-based avenues including Facebook have been working hard over the last several months to build and leverage a new form of business now popularly called social gifting. The social media giant saw enough scope that it decided to snap up Karma, a startup, and enhanced it further into Facebook Gifts. It now serves as a way for its billion-plus users to send across a gift to a friend, whether it’s an iTunes gift card, any item of clothing or a bottle of wine. Read More

‘The World of the Gift’

In today’s competitive age highly dominated by rampant consumerism, regulations and formal expressions, many people feel altruism and generosity either are essentially fuelled by blatant self-interest or they no longer really exist. Gifts are often seen as, irrelevant frills, at best. These are the notions that author Jacques T. Godbout strives to rectify in a thought-provoking document, titled ‘The World of the Gift’, written in collaboration with writer Alain Caillé. Read More

‘Gifting industry professionals must unite…’

Stagnancy has hit the manufacturing sector in the domain of gifts due to high development costs of moulds etc. Inputs have become costlier than the finished goods and are not fetching the due price. Tough competition from imported products especially from those who import through illegal means is another challenge, he revealed. Monotony and saturation prevails in the imported products’ sector, too. Read More