Corporate Gifting: Small Corporate Gifts Do Make A Smart Impression!


We always think that giving a gift that is huge or very expensive makes a big impression and that is the only way to make our colleagues and others happy. People often have this in mind that:

“A gift must be something lavish in nature” 

I completely disagree. A gift is a gift and it doesn’t come in sizes but with a spirit of celebration, encouragement and a deeper understanding. Gifts come with a bond of happiness which makes a person happy. It is not the matter inside the gift that makes a corporate gift special but the spirit attached with the corporate gift.

There is a phrase that I strongly believe in:

“Life is to live, Love is to give and Power is to forgive”

If you really wish to love a person, one of the best ways to express love is through corporate gifting an item such as a small box of sumptuous box of chocolates gift-wrapped with shining ribbons and a gold-satin gift-paper which certainly would be enough to express the warm feelings of your heart.

The point is each corporate gift is special irrespective of what it contains materially as each corporate gift comes along with a handful of love. Thus, a small corporate gift can also be enough to establish a bond with people.

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Tips On Corporate Gifting Crockery Items!

While you are shopping, you suddenly show up near a crockery market. You will definitely find vases, tea cups, mugs, and specific items made of china clay there. Now, gifting items such as ones made of china clay can be a good gift just for the show of it. However, It has a certain disadvantage.

These items made of china clay are breakable easily at a fraction of a second. Moreover, if you are buying from a local market, you might not end up with a quality that you desire.

Buying a cutlery though isn’t a great or even a very bad idea; here’s what you must take care while buying them:

  1. Buy from a branded store. This way, if there are small defects, you can catch hold of the store manager and get your gift replaced. Keep the bill safe with you.
  2. Have a “Handle With CARE” label attached on the box within which the gift is placed.
  3. Make sure you place the cutlery item in a box that is strong enough to hold the cutlery intact even if the box falls off the receivers hands.
  4. Gift-wrap carefully.

Corporate Gifting To Retain Customers!


“Customer is king”. This phrase is very well known amongst business houses across the globe. And customers have to be treated very well since they are always special to one’s business.

Sometimes a trader has to go out of the way and deliver more than what is expected by the client in terms of quality as well as quantity. If you are a trader and you certainly over deliver, then you are not having a problem retaining your clients more often than not. But what if you’re not able to deliver what is expected in terms of the agreement signed, you stand to lose a client. In situations like these, a trader can retain the client if the trader organizes a meeting with his/her client and discusses the reasons personally why they fail to meet what is expected. This is the right time to choose a corporate gift for your client and tell them how much you value them. This way, you can even convince them on the points that they would naturally disagree. A box of premium quality chocolates found nowhere locally can be a big delight as a corporate gift.

By gifting an exquisite but simple gift can do wonders and help a trader retain their clients well enough for a long long time. Though what is expected has to be met, there are times when the expectations seems very unrealistic. A trader can even communicate the same to the client and keep their clients doubts about a trader’s product/service at bay.

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Choosing The Right Gift For The Right Person!


Choosing the right gift depends upon whom we are gifting and what kind of person he or she is. It’s quite important to be aware of the client’s taste and style to make inner roads to his good books. E.g. the person might be an executive and very fond of playing golf. If he appears on the ‘A’ list of your clients, a miniature golf set for his office will be a hit with him. Or as a smaller option, a golf club or even a card holder with golf clubs will do the job.

There might be middle – level executives who need to plan their hectic schedules, thus a special leather-jacket executive diary would be a great option. If it is a lady, she might appreciate the more aesthetic option like a handmade folder ..

To make sure that the gift fits according to the receivers’ desires, needs and lifestyle is very important.

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Promotion Gifts: An Ideal Corporate Gifting Strategy!


Gifting is an art and if used to its potential it can be converted into a fantastic marketing tool. Promotional items used as corporate gifts create an irremovable impact in the mind of the receiver and harness fruitful long-term relations. Corporate promotional gifts not only make the receiver feel important but also help the gifting person’s brand enter into his potential client’s consideration set.

There is an excessive amount of choice available for promotional gifts for different purposes e.g. desktop items such as weasel calendars or desk calendars, paperweights, photo – frames etc. are extremely useful gifts. And when the company’s name is etched on these, it gives extremely high recall value. Other kind of gifts can be displayed on the wall such as paintings, murals etc. that carry the company’s logo and act as a constant reminder for the client.

Ultimately, what matters is that the gift that you choose must promote you, your company and your brand’s goodwill. That is all what promotional gifts stand for. Do not forget to write a small note along with a gift that speaks about why you are gifting and what makes it so special for you to gift the receiver.

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Chocolate: The Sweet Taste Of Corporate Gifting!


We all love chocolates, don’t we? (exceptions excused…)

Chocolates are favorites of all the gifts that we give each other and everyone happily accepts chocolates with a huge smile on their face.

Chocolates definitely make an impression and that too, chocolates help you connect with each other very nicely. The sweet taste of mouth watering chocolates leads us to ask more for it, and that particular want is the defining USP while corporate gifting chocolates to clients, employees or even an ordinary person.

Especially, corporate gifting premium quality chocolates are the ideal way to enhance your relationship to the next level.

Chocolates can be useful highly as a brand promotional tool by gift-wrapping the chocolate boxes with a company logo’s watermark imprinted on it.

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Corporate Gifting To Honour A Brave Social Worker!


We live in a society which consists of different kinds of people from different walks of life. There are certain people who are different, absolutely in every sense. They have what it calls courage to do a thing that makes a difference to society in ample.

They do everything to establish ‘ a uniform society ‘. Some even commit their whole lives and some even give away their lives in order to make sure that the world, after they are gone, sleeps with peace. They are special and they have to be honored even though if it has to be done within a small budget.

For them, day and night are all the same. They truly reform and transform the lives of millions of people by doing an emotional but magnifying deed.

What matters is to appreciate a brave social worker’s courage and commitment to society, to the world, and to you. Corporate gifting a memento describing the outstanding efforts of the brave social worker along with a rewarding cash/kind gift can be great.

Such people must be honored in a way that the world remembers to do much more than what they did for the society. Corporate gifting such kind of people is not only essential but one of the most important things a corporate company must do. Especially during times of earthquake when you require courageous people to help out the victims, it becomes essential that we take pride in their efforts.

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Corporate Gifting For Trade Shows and Press Conferences!


Trade shows and press conferences remain as a very good opportunity to make a connection with prospective clients, build a goodwill around the brand and its products, make customers aware about your products very well, generate direct responses, and build a relationship for a long term period.

The most important aspect of an event is to maximize the extent of promoting a brand and its products which further helps in attracting a lot of customers.

So, How can we maximize the extent of promoting a brand and its products?

Well, The best way to do it is through corporate gifting. Corporate gifting enables you to even brand your gift. That’s where the opportunity is. Imagine a situation, where you have gifted a mug or preferably a t-shirt which has the logo of your brand/company on it. You would be able to maximize the extent of promoting your brand and their products very naturally. Your corporate gift will speak for you. Ain’t that good enough?

Moreover, organizing a corporate gifting contest every hour at a trade show would provide you with maximum mileage for your company, brand and products. You can even have some free give aways for all those people who visit your stall. Though these are general trade practices already found at a trade show, you can always come up with a creative idea that sounds good to all people visiting your stall. Sounds good? do comment on what you feel about the same.

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Corporate Gifting! A Gift or A Bribe?


Corporate gifting is mainly done to strengthen a relationship with people, we know in person, who will enable us to grow in all aspects of our life. Many a times, we gift people just as to get a favor done from them. The point is, is this really a gift or a bribe?

The spirit of corporate gifting enables us to connect with people and make them a part of our lives. Generally, corporates gift a person because corporates feel that the person deserves a special gift and not because they require them to do us a favor. But in corporate circles, instead of wishing and congratulating clients, employees and others for being with us; many corporates tend to bribe them with a corporate gift so as to get some favors. Now this practice will have many backfiring effects as it is encouraging a corrupt practice and increasing the expectations of the person to receive a gift in order to do something for others.

Moreover, it cuts down the motivation factor into pieces and promotes bad performance.


Are we doing good enough by practicing corporate gifting as a means of getting a return favor?

or is it ethical to do just that?

Please let me know your comments.

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Corporate Gifting Tips During Weddings!


A wedding for most Indian people is once in a life-time affair. Indian culture is so diverse and rich in tradition that an Indian wedding is performed in its most natural, religious and traditional way.

If its the case that your employee is getting married in the most religious and traditional manner, there are some corporate gifting tips an employer must not forget.

The employee is special to an employers business and so is the employees spouse. An employer must gift not only to the employee but also gift his/her spouse. This way, an employer can also encourage and motivate a relationship with the newly wed spouse and create a very good image of the company.

Corporate gifting a not very expensive set of gold jewelry for both the employee as well his spouse with a bouquet of flowers will definitely prove the employers reputation of being a very good company. A set of traditional crockery would also be a good gift if in case, an employer chooses to gift an inexpensive gift.

A very romantic corporate gift to the newly weds such as a honeymoon package would be awesome.

An employer must not forget to brand the gift by wrapping the gift meticulously in an artistic manner so as to create a smile on the employees face.

Most importantly, a greeting card that expresses blessings of a long happy married life is certainly a must. An employer must not forget to express his good wishes to the employee and his/her newly wedded spouse.

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