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Marketers focus on rural niches

A few decades ago, many FMCG players made a proverbial discovery of a teeming pot of shining rural gold, now those a notch up the overall consumption ladder like automobiles, and jewelers as well as financial solutions’ service providers are targeting rural niches that have a strong untapped purchasing power. (more…)

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A premier event for the entire gifting industry

A highly professional approach over the years has ensured that business visitors at Giftex, would be able to source the best possible gifts and stationery brands under one single roof. Top advertising executives, sales & marketing managers made it a point to visit Giftex that has firmly itself as one of the most eagerly awaited events in the domain of contemporary corporate gifting . (more…)

Corporate Gifting Contest

Quick tips to select economical, albeit quality gifts

Although there’s a wide variety of corporate gifts available in the market, brand managers need to select the one which will meet parameters like promotional value, utility, quality and most importantly, costing. It is pertinent to know some of the key norms – dos and don’ts of corporate gifting – generic or those given on special occasion- so that they leave behind a pleasant memory. Here are a few tips that will enable you to select the most economical, albeit quality gifts: (more…)

corporate gift

Revive feel-good factor and hope with ‘self-help’ books

The lingering economic recession and prolonged slump globally has left quite a many qualified professionals struggling, sowing seeds of doubts and insecurity about their careers. Why not consider giving one of your close business friends or associates a worthy self-improvement book or innovation & change management guide that will make apt gifts in the current challenging market and job conditions. You only need to glance at the new releases to see that the right choice is made. (more…)