A look into the performance of Book and gift retailers

An insightful report looking into the performance of Book and gift retailers against the backdrop prevailing economic scenario has some heartening indications. The recent report in the Economic Times by Writankar Mukherjee and Sreeradha D Basu point to the fact that gifting has managed to beat slowdown to some extent.

Giving a perspective on the Book and gift retailers’ performance, the story goes on to note: “At a time when the organized retail sector in India worth Rs 27,000 crore is facing its worst ever crisis, the book-and gift retailing segment appears to be the least affected.”

The report points out that leading book retail chains in the country such as Landmark, RPG Retail’s Books & Beyond and Crossword have reported only a marginal negative impact on their sales. In fact, they are witnessing a rapid revival in customer offtake.

According to an estimate, the pure-play organized book retailing in the country is well over Rs 300 crore. The same grew around 25 percent before the slowdown hit the plans. 

Giving a clearer picture, Himanshu Chakrawarti, Landmark chief operating officer, has been quoted as saying that growth will get affected this fiscal year. However, the hit will be marginal. The industry’s overall sales growth has come down by just about 15 to 20%, far less than apparel, groceries, lifestyle retail.

Book retailing is clearly emerging as a recession-proof market segment in India. In fact, the book-and-gift retail venture of Tata group, Landmark, is experiencing a sales growth of roughly 18-20%. It operates 25 stores across the country. Interestingly, most of these have a strong merchandise mix of movies, toys, music and gifts.

Arvind K Singhal, retail consultancy Technopak Advisors chairman, expects books-and-gifts retail to retain its growth momentum. According to him, people prefer to read a lot during economic slowdown. The number of social occasions is also going up, triggering gift sales, he reasons.

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Attractive corporate gifting avenue


We acquaint you with a whole new dynamic world of corporate gifting. As you would agree, the act of gifting goes a long way in stimulating and enhancing business and personal relations and also making the receiver feel that he or she is really important to you.

Manoharlal Omprakash & Company (moco) is a reliable avenue for attractive corporate gifts. They assure you both excellent quality and service. This is possible because they have cultivated themselves into a partnership concern that has highly qualified and professional partners/executives who provide their clients precise and professional gifting ideas.

They are among the leading manufacturers and corporate suppliers of many novel gifts and promotional items for close to three decades. They have served many distinguished and established business houses who remain their loyal corporate customers.

Spelling out their repute and reliability, their website notes: “We have many unique items of interest aimed at corporate GIFTING. The idea is to serve our valuable and precious customers.”

They provide you with a varied range of cost effective products for gifting as well as for Promotional purpose. Among the wide range of gifts on offer are: pharmaceutical Giveaways; ball Pens; key chains; torches; table lamps, desktop items; wall and table clocks; calendars, other utility items such as telephone and date diaries, office-cum-traveling bags, wallets and pouches. There are many more exciting gift items on offer that you can check by visiting their website or by getting in touch with them at the following address:

427, Chira Bazar, Odhavji Bhuvan, 1st Floor, 
R No. 12, J.S.S Road, Girgaum Road,
Mumbai 400 002
Telephone No.: 2208 6115
Tele fax No.: 22056115 

Mobile: 9820434108 / 9820651150
E-mail: moco@rediffmail.com

Teachers’ worst Christmas gifts, popular gifts, etc

The tradition of gifting on the eve of Christmas seems to have started with the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus. As mentioned in the Bible’s book of Matthew, “On coming to the house they saw the child with his mother Mary and they bowed down and worshipped him. They then opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, incense and of myrrh…” There are some curious gift categories that we came across, including teachers’ worst Christmas gifts, popular gifts, etc. 

Usually teachers love to get pressies from their pupils on Christmas eve, but often what they get is a bit weird, a BBC NEWS report points out. It mentions a golden horse statue, a raw chicken and a glass fish among the stranger gifts they have been given.

For those planning to buy a present for their teacher, and wondering what they should, BBC Newsround spoke to a cross-section of teachers in the UK to find out the worst things they  can or have received at Christmas.

It noted: “Among the worst things teachers said to get was perfume, which smells really bad! Another was chocolate, particularly if it is out-of-date, or one that is half-eaten! And the worst thing that pupils can possibly gift their teachers on Christmas eve are some really tacky ornaments. But do not worry if you are not planning to give your teacher a pressie, or perhaps you cannot afford to get much.”

You do not spend loads, but simply try to ensure that your gift is as personal and unusual as possible. According to the government, the report mentions in a lighter and literal vein, teachers are not allowed to give pupils higher ranks only because they have given them nice gifts!
Try the Christmas quiz 

Incidentally, BBC NEWS published another report on a host of hostile Christmas gifts. All were found to be counterfeit as well as dangerous.

Curiously, Ipod has topped the list of contemporary Christmas gifts. A news report mentions: “Looks like assorted gift givers and secret Santas worldwide have found an easy gift option (the Ipod). It has sold over 150 million units since first launched in 2001.”

Classic diamond earrings came second as the preferred gift item, closely followed by the Nintendo Wii. The popular games console works by detecting the players’ movement is very much in demand. A Tiffany necklace stood fourth. Gadgets are proving to be popular with a laptop, Nintendo Gameboy and Playstation 3 all voted into the top 50.

Writing instruments for bulk corporate gifting

highlighter.jpgIf you are looking for truly functional and affordable bulk corporate gifting ideas, we recommend ADD Pen products for you. Check their wide variety as follows.

Premium Stationery series: 
Atom Pencil – Unique Sliding Mechanism  
Document Writer – It becomes your identity and your authority. 
Elite Class Lead – ADD presents an innovative mode of handling Pencil Lead.
Elite Class Pencil – This lightweight mechanical pencil is built to exacting tolerances. 
Highlighter – It’s high quality jumbo highlighter that comes in fluorescent yellow, pink & orange shades. 
Jumbo permanent markers – Their USP is their size as the name Jumbo suggests.

ADD Pens have many attractive offerings. Their Maestro projects an image of power and royalty. It’s a superb product, packed in attractive manner. ADD pens are available in elegant and classic designs. ADD Carbon-X is sleek and trendy and a perfect gifting idea for the new generation achievers.

Legacy is another jewel in their crown. ADD also presents a special Gem in theri “exclusives” series, namely ADD Envoy. Highness is to experience the pure joy of writing.  Let us check their roller pen series:
Alpha Roller pen leaves its stamp of authority. The ADD Roll Tech gives you an unbeatable combination of great features, functionality and sizzling looks. Diamond Roller comes in a classic shape yet it has contemporary design. If you want extra smooth writing, go for Pinxit. Symphony from ADD will give you an unforgettable writing experience.

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Corporate gifting solutions from ekco.in


“Gifts subtly speak a language that is not bound any words or boundaries. It’s a language of reward, remembrance and appreciation. They are an inseparable aspect of any company culture and a means of honoring their valuable clients or staff.”

The above lines sum the spirit of ekco, a unique portal for corporate India’s on merchandising development plus loyalty enhancement solutions. It is in these crucial aspects that they provide clients with a great solution with their array of high quality gift selection ideas. Their versatile and innovative gift portfolio is geared to meet the specific and customized needs of the clients – regional, national and international – and their varied tastes.

ekco can be described as a truly one-of-a-kind initiative to aggregate all possible marketing collaterals under one umbrella. Specializing in innovative Gifting and Customized Promotions and Events, they bring to their client some of the most cost effective and scintillating solutions. They have expertise in diverse areas in the domain of gifting, including precise Product Sourcing; Delivery & Distribution; Loyalty Programs; Seasonal Gifting, and Customised Manufacturing.

ekco with years of professional expertise and experience in procurement and supply of catchy corporate gifts, personalised branding solutions, promotional items and execution of exclusive loyalty Programs retains its undisputed reputation for serving esteemed clientele from across a spectrum of industry segments such as pharmaceuticals, advertising agencies, FMCGs and even FIIs.

Using concise, yet creative search techniques, ekco.in will help you in identifying peculiar gifts or programs that match your tastes and meet your needs.

Getting you first step into office right

A friendly atmosphere pervades most offices these days. In fact, most professional organisations understand the importance of making a newcomer feel right at home and everyone from the departmental heads to seniors consider it part of their job to help the new guy or gal learn his or her way around the office and feel a part of the team. The most common way to make a person feel home is with this question, ‘When are you treating us?’ This one treat can smooth the way to a great camaraderie at the workplace, enabling you to not only meet everyone you will work with but also generate goodwill from the word go.
No one expects a lot from this ‘treat‘. The word itself is so vague that it can mean anything from individual pen-holders to a box of mithai being passed around to a cake to a post-office hours drinking session. It is totally up to you. However, there are some rules-of-thumb that anyone should keep in mind when he wants to start off on the right foot.

Decide your budget?

Even when it comes to a box of mithai you must be sure of how much you are willing to spend, and then pick your mithai accordingly. Do you want to give this treat to the entire office or just your department? Must you keep some extra for second helpings or stick to a strict number? Will you be buying a Rs.300/kg sweet or a Rs.100/kg sweet? If you’re taking your colleagues out are you taking them out for drinks or just a simple meal or to that flashy new restaurant that has opened around the corner? The bigger the number of people the more it makes sense to make your gift as economical as possible. With a smaller team you can afford to be more generous and perhaps even give individual gifts.


Distributing mithai is alright, but if you want your new colleagues to remember this treat more than the others, then gift them a jar of olive tapenade each or an imported cheese dip. Bring along a big box of crackers and you can all dig in together during a break. Some of your colleagues might find it unusual but at least it would stand apart from their long line-up of ‘treat memories’.

Office Stationery

No one can have enough of these and they can be very boring actually, but with a little thought and time on your hands you can get something sweet. Make a note of everyone’s names and get pen-holders or coffee mugs with their initials on them – they’re pretty inexpensive. Or pick them out in odd shapes and colours (April is International Frog Month so you could pick out some funny frog designs too). Pens are really very passé – you can never make them interesting, honestly! And steer clear of notepads – they’re of the use and throw variety so even if you hunt down some novelty notepads like ones with animal-print covers and funky add-in decorations, they will eventually be thrown away or maybe perhaps not even appreciated by your colleagues. Other interesting office stationery could be funny desk calendars or ornate paper cutters that stand apart from the usual that one sees in workplaces.

Non-Office Stationery Gifts

If you want to give them anything other than office stationery then re-think that decision for the moment. These are people you are not familiar with and more than likely you will be going wrong with your choice. So stick to something that would be useful for the office when you are thinking of giving individual gifts.

A newcomer who skips this treat usually finds himself to be a bit of an outsider of the team. So be sure to get it right. Your gift should not be ostentatious and try and pick something humorous or dead practical. Mithai is so common that people will take it for granted and forget about it. Making your gift unusual is a great way to ensure that your colleagues feel special right from the start.

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Corporate Gifting: The Power To Make People Accept You!


Everyone loves gifts and so do you, I am sure. But when someone gifts you an item, you feel loved and special. Certainly, that makes you feel completely accepted by the person who gifted you. In response to that, even you accept the person.

Accepting each other connects you well to each other and builds a platform for effective communication. Communication holds the key to a successful relationship. So, if you wish to better your communication with a lot of people, start gifting them and someday they will gift you back in return. Their gifting you back would mean that even they accept you as they certainly thank you for being who really are. Now, wouldn’t that be great?

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