Corporate and personal gift ideas For Cancerians, Leos and Virgoans.

You may love astrology or hate it, but cannot ignore it. There are peculiar gift giving ideas relevant to each sign. Whether you are deliberating over what to gift your boss, your friend or mate on his/her birthday or any special occasion, their zodiac signs will give you clues for the suitable gift. Here, we consider Cancer, Leo and Virgo!


Boss: For Cancerians, there’s nothing more precious than their home or their family. Good gifts for them comprise a family portrait, prints, photo albums, home accessories, decorative pieces, etc.

Friend & Family: Mix sentimentality with home & hearth and you’ve got it right with them. An intimate dinner bash, a family outing, or quality time with your partner are great tangible or intangible gestures that they will appreciate. Things to do with home décor, kitchen utilities will be well liked. Your options are cookbooks, cooking courses, goodies basket, gift certificates from a home store etc.


Boss: A Leo treats her/himself as the king of his/her domain, much like Lion, the king of the jungle that represents this sign. A Leo boss has high expectations and expects to be treated royally. Appropriate gifts are the high quality and rather grand ones! Sophisticated and exclusive items like jeweler, gourmet foods & wines, fine crystal products, branded merchandise make ideal gifts.

Friend & Family: Go for something, which is flashy and makes them feel as the centre of attraction. Gift items with a lot of bling like rhinestone studded clothing, diamond ornaments, hair accessories, fancy cuff links go well with them. They like to be pampered so a session at the spa is a perfect gift for them. Apart from those making them feel like king, gifts involving an element of drama are also well received. Thus, lottery tickets or tickets to a big Bollywood/Hollywood hit will allow you be in their good books!


Boss: Probably the most practical Zodiac sign, a Virgo tends to be extremely organized and tidy. They appreciate gifts that reflect or accentuate the same quality. So, your options comprise fancy calendars, personal diary, organizer, visiting card holders, leather wallets etc.

Friend & Family: Apart from being organized, a Virgo is also very health & beauty conscious as their sign rules the House of Health. Ideal gifts include salon certificates, beauty treatment packages, gym memberships, exercise equipments, manicure and pedicure sets health products, etc. Healthy and long-lasting is the way to describe a Virgo friend. Good gifts comprise health books/CDs, dancing/sports lessons, vacuum cleaner, Yoga class membership, etc.

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The Time To Watch Out!

rado.jpg A watch may spell w-a-t-c-h to the average Joe, but it spells time, money and respect to the corporate professional. It is a simple gift that does not have to be too expensive and yet will convey all the right intentions. However, it is easy to go wrong with it for it is such a common gift idea many do not give too much thought to it beyond the boring brown or black strapped ones.

When it comes to the dial, choose one with numbers over one with four strokes; it’s more definitive. No one wants to have to try and figure out the strokes on the dial when in a hurry. A big, broad watch with bulky dial and strap is for men only, while women prefer slim or normal-sized ones. Preferably, keep the impressively big watch for your boss and stick to normal-sized ones for your colleagues.

The safe colours are black, brown and navy blue but the textures may not be as boring as the colours sound. You can choose from patent leather to animal skin-embossed leather to felt and suede. An interesting buckle also goes a long way towards making the owner of the watch feel good. When looking to break out of the traditional colour mode, go for different shades of the colours rather than heading straight for the bright. A charcoal black stands out with an interesting texture, a deep cobalt blue looks hip in patent leather; opt for ‘serious’ shades of fun colours like a magenta or deep purple or a dark red. Then your flamboyant colleague can express his personality without stepping out of bounds.

There are various brands available at reasonable prices. So take your time and take your pick, and watch them flaunt their wrists!

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Nielsen India Survey On Gifting Patterns Of Indians!


Nearly eight in 10 Indians (77%) prefer Clothes, Sweets (including chocolates- 69 %) and Books (49%) as their preferred gifting items. Importantly, more than half of the people surveyed indicated they would shop online.

Following are the broad findings of a survey conducted by Nielsen India on gifting patterns research panel.

• Differences are there across different age groups in terms of gifting items, budgets and shopping channels.

• Sweets, Clothes and Books are universally popular, but more so with the mature group aged 45 and above

• The younger crowd (15-24 years) prefers to gift technology gadgets such as mobile phones and MP3 players.

• Holidays (travel and accommodation), travel tickets and tickets to amusement parks are popular new-age gift ideas.

• About 20 percent would like to give wine as a gift.

• More than half of the people surveyed indicated they would shop online.

According to N. S. Muthukumaran, Director, Online Panel, the Nielsen Company, India, the technology that has entered our lives in the last 10 years is deeply affecting young people in their twenties who have grown up with it. He says, “To many, it is cool to be seen with the latest model of phone or music system and giving one as a present is in the same league, albeit a costly option for these young folks.”

Look for more findings of the survey indicating the habits and beliefs of Indians regarding gifting in the next blog posts…

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How To Personalize Your Gift!


Gifts with something inscribed, something engraved or a scrapbook can add a personal touch.

Gifts with something inscribed

Books can indeed be a thoughtful and very special gift, but inscriptions carry them to a whole new level of intimacy. Buy your buddy a new book of fiction (need not be romantic) that she or he has been always talking about and is craving to read. It can also be his or her favorite classic, a journal, or a coffee-table book, the subject matter does matter, but your inscription does make it special.

Something engraved

An obvious gift may not be on its own such an innovative idea, but there’s an easy method to take it even the simplest and commonest of gifts into an entirely ultimate romantic orbit by engraving! By branding a cell phone, bracelet or even a simple key chain with your feelings and emotions or simply with your initials, or a memorable day, you can send the message in a subtle way.

A personal scrapbook

Don’t think that we are suggesting you simply cut & paste some pictures into a scrapbook but this is definitely the wonderful way of preserving and rekindling romantic memories. It’s rather about as near to any home-made gift and isn’t it nice narrating the story of your romance or friendship with a personal scrapbook as gift.

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Corporate Gifting: The Art Of Channelising Communication!


In every organisation, there is a hierarchy of executives at different levels. To maintain a communication channel with all of them directly is not possible at most times. However, it is neccessary for us to maintain our communication with as many people as possible or atleast keep the word that the relationship exists between two people.

Corporate gifting enables you to maintain those communication channels and also keep them open all the time. Sometimes, we have not been in touch with a couple of colleagues for a long time and we require to connect with them again. We can just send them a card that wishes them well or expresses some words of thanks along with a small gift that they would love. Naturally, the gift bought shouldnt be so expensive as you must not make an impression that you are gifting them because you need them for some reason/purpose you wish to accomplish. This simple practice can be done just to keep ones relationship fresh and alive, and keep remain connected somehow with more number of people at the same time you havent been for a long long time.

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Corporate Gifting: The Power To Make People Accept You!


Everyone loves gifts and so do you, I am sure. But when someone gifts you an item, you feel loved and special. Certainly, that makes you feel completely accepted by the person who gifted you. In response to that, even you accept the person.

Accepting each other connects you well to each other and builds a platform for effective communication. Communication holds the key to a successful relationship. So, if you wish to better your communication with a lot of people, start gifting them and someday they will gift you back in return. Their gifting you back would mean that even they accept you as they certainly thank you for being who really are. Now, wouldn’t that be great?

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Corporate Gifting: Making Up Your Mistakes In Business!


We all do mistakes. Mistakes that change the course of our journey, probably in the negative. And we always require a way to change it soon towards acheiving our goals. These mistakes can be a big distraction, especially if we do it with our clients or even employees.

A mistake while dealing or talking with our clients or employees can disturb the relationship to a great extent. It can create adversity to our business and our experince of life as a whole.

What can we do to cover up or even ask for a chance to cover up our mistakes, especially in business?

One of the best ways would be to send a bouquet of flowers, preferably roses, with a small card describing that you accept your mistake and ask for forgiveness. Along with it, a small box of sweets/chocolates can also be nice though not neccessary.

Corporate gifting is one way we can get what we want by practicing the art of gifting in the right way at the right time and place.

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Corporate Gifting: Small Corporate Gifts Do Make A Smart Impression!


We always think that giving a gift that is huge or very expensive makes a big impression and that is the only way to make our colleagues and others happy. People often have this in mind that:

“A gift must be something lavish in nature” 

I completely disagree. A gift is a gift and it doesn’t come in sizes but with a spirit of celebration, encouragement and a deeper understanding. Gifts come with a bond of happiness which makes a person happy. It is not the matter inside the gift that makes a corporate gift special but the spirit attached with the corporate gift.

There is a phrase that I strongly believe in:

“Life is to live, Love is to give and Power is to forgive”

If you really wish to love a person, one of the best ways to express love is through corporate gifting an item such as a small box of sumptuous box of chocolates gift-wrapped with shining ribbons and a gold-satin gift-paper which certainly would be enough to express the warm feelings of your heart.

The point is each corporate gift is special irrespective of what it contains materially as each corporate gift comes along with a handful of love. Thus, a small corporate gift can also be enough to establish a bond with people.

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