Light-hearted and harmless gifts

Think about it, you are thinking to get a piece of merchandise for someone, which not only has a lasting utility value but will also bring a laugh on their face, won’t that be doubly joyful and meaningful? Will that be something very interesting or innovative on this Christmas and the New Year eve? Continue reading

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Christmas tree and other traditions

As Christmas approaches, Santa Claus is eagerly awaited by children and so also the goodies and gifts he brings along. It is interesting to note that the popular view of Santa we all have today – with the sleigh, the reindeer and the chimney – was derived largely from Clement Moore’s ‘The Night Before Christmas’, the 1822 book, further reinforced further by an advertising campaign. Continue reading

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Birthday party return gift tips

We pointed out in our previous blog how Sachin Tendulkar was excited at the mention of his favorite gifts. According to him, the greeting cards his kids made for him were very special.

Your child might well have received some interesting gifts on their birthday. But how much you do you spend to conceive a return-gift idea on your child’s birthday? Let us check some interesting birthday return gift ideas.

A child’s birthday party is not only about the candles, musical chairs, cakes etc. It is also about nice return gifts for a child. The off-beat take-home tokens remain an integral part of the birthday celebration. Most children indeed look forward to the goodies. If they do not get any, they are disappointed.

Birthday party planners mention that often parents choose to outsource birthday party. However, but they are keen on doing their own return gifts. Their advice to the parents is avoid deviating from the basic party theme and not to treat return gifts as the least priority on their list or else they will end up getting the wrong things.

Also, spending huge money is not the way. Your gift will stand out if it is unique, and not costly. Think what the child’s friends would like take away and make the birthday party gift a memorable one. You should give back gifts that are related to their interest.

According to professional children’s party organizers, the moment ones gets a child involved in the act of decorating or working out a return gift idea, it becomes more compelling and meaningful. They advise parents to plan some activity leading to a birthday party return gift.

One example is planting and nurturing trees will make children aware of nature.  

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Disney soft toys as gifts


The immense popularity of Disney soft toys knows no barriers of age, region or gender. Disney characters bring smiles on our faces; they make us feel relaxed and also appeal to our senses.

All our favorite Disney characters are available under The Disney Animal Friends series. The eternal characters are the best buddies of children during their formative years; it’s like a dream fulfilled having them with you – either as a showpiece or as a plaything! Shaped into adorable soft toys, the Disney Animal Friends make a deft decorative piece to treasure. They will make a perfect gift not only for children but also for adults.

Disney’s Animal Friends – a soft toy range – comprises popular characters, Baloo, Sher Khan and Dumbo. The Disney gang toy series is sure to be loved as a gift. Incidentally, of all the various shapes given to the Disney characters, the sizzling soft toys have been the most popular.

If you’re looking to give something exquisite, elegant for a special occasion gifting, Disney soft toys can be the best choice for you. Disney has different varieties of their soft toys based on their most famous characters. Here are some of them to make a cut gift:

Donald Duck: The animal character debuted in a cartoon in 1934. Despite his fiery temper, he became popular with audiences. Hot-headed Donald is a little character in a big world trying to suppress him.

Dumbo: (sitting and trumpeting): Often taunted for his enormous ears, the little elephant is too naïve to realize what the laughter is about, yet old enough to follow that it’s targeted at him.

Bambi: This wobbly legged fawn will someday inherit the title of ‘Great Prince of the Forest’. His mother teaches him the secrets of survival.

Sher Khan: Disneyland Jungle Book Villain Sher Khan – the tiger – is a feared yet popular Disney character.

Disney soft toys as gifts are an apt expression of your feelings. 

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Akshay Kumar’s gift for his son Aarav

Delving into the topic of celebrities and gifting, we just came across an interesting news report ‘Akshay’s gift for hi son Aarav’ that mentioned the busy actor is fast rushing through the remaining portion of his first animation film so that he is able to host an exclusive premier for his six-year-old son along with his friends before anybody else could get to see it.

And he has to do it fast, as the report mentions, quickly as Aarav is now losing his patience. Akshay wants to fulfill his son’s ardent wish and has been desperately asking all his colleagues to dub the film as soon as they could so that he can hold the screening.

He has been quoted as saying: “Yes Aarav (his son) wants to see Jumbo. He is so very excited about watching the film.” But there is a cute story behind what made Akshay’s beloved son come up with this request to his dad.

The report adds: “After coming back from Cape Town, Akshay has been carrying most of the voice rehearsals of this movie at his home at Andheri. And Aarav used to be there and sit beside his father while the rehearsals went on. The whole exercise of everyone shouting in some strange voices amazed the little boy. He giggles and claps throughout the sessions. He ensures that he does not miss any of these rehearsal sessions whenever he is at home.”

Aarav reportedly likes animation films. His favorites are Kunfu Panda and Shark Tale. Jumbo is a family tale. It talks about family values. Aarav got very excited after seeing the portions of it and he went up to his dad immediately, and screamed that he wanted to see the film along with his friends as soon as possible on the big screen. His wish has been granted.

Bookaroo, the children’s literature festival


This is a fun event for children to which you can take your children and bring a smile on their faces. Apart from gifting children toys and games, this is one way of making them happy, in a quality way.

Bookaroo, the children’s literature festival, will happen in New Delhi (22nd and 23rd November, 2008 at Sanskriti Anand Gram on Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road).

Here are the events that form part of the festival
– Listen to stories
– Dramatix
– Rhyme time
– Comics
– Interactive buzz
– Graffiti
– Glum peacocks
– Magic pencil
Choose your event/s and register now! You may check the possibility of holding a similar event in your city by sending a mail to 

The Bookaroo Festival kicks off with an outreach program on November 19th and 20th. It will give children a chance to meet famous Indian and international authors, poets, and illustrators. The aim of the festival is to expose children to the hidden joys of reading. This is truly a one-of-its-kind event, which focuses on the role books play in shaping children’s thinking and lives. The interactive sessions will comprise workshops, plays, comics, storytelling, games and lessons in creativity.

For instance, Sampurna Chattarji, Kalpish Ratna and Ishrat Syed will present ‘Panchatantra in Wonderland’. These animal fables are an invariable part of our literary and social heritage, but what do they really mean in today’s world? Here a modern twist is given to the classic tales.

According to Anita Roy, one of the organizers, the Bookaroo Festival is all about bringing together children with those who actually pen the books they love so much. She adds: “It is about celebrating the world of children’s book writing and literature in all its marvelous variety.”

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Inculcate love for reading in children; gift them a good habit

The act of gifting need not necessarily always involve giving out something tangible. Especially, in case of children, it can be an activity or a gesture that will lead to instilling good habits in them that will stay with them for a long time and even change their way of thinking.

Here is a unique opportunity for parents in New Delhi to give their children something beyond toys and other gift articles. We are referring to a children’s book & literature festival that is set to take place in the next few days in the capital city.

The festival is inspired by Hay-on-Wye, a unique first Book Town, lies on the border between Wales and England. One of the major annual events for Hay is the ‘Hay Festival’. Book lovers can visit this unparalleled book town, which is now a major tourist attraction. Taking a cue from the book town and its festival, literary enthusiasts in New Delhi has come up with a unique event for children. 

“I was indeed intrigued by the idea of a festival like. As I learnt more about it, I wanted to do something similar but for children,” informed Swati Roy, Eureka Children’s Bookstore co-owner and publisher of a magazine for children. M. Venkatesh, Anita Roy, Jo Williams; Anushka Ravishankar, Manisha Chaudhry of Pratham Books, Subhadra Sen Gupta and Swati Roy the organizers of the Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival 2008.

The children’s literature festival will act as a platform for inculcating reading habits in children. Children’s books will be viewed as gorgeous, bouncy trampolines to encourage their creativity.

Note the details of Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival

Dates: November 22 and 23, 2008

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: Sanskriti Anand Gram, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Delhi

Outreach program across the city – November 19 and 20, 2008

For more more information click here.