Captivating and luscious cakes for the occasion

It’s X’mas, time to simply forget our miseries, tensions and worries for a while. All of us should for the moment stop thinking about all that is negative and be a part of the festive season. It’s time to awaken the spirit of gifting and gifting.

Traditional plum cake

Christmas cakes are of many types. An all-time favorite is the traditional plum cake. This cake dates to long, long ago when people began adding plums to the cakes they baked in winter. Plums were rich in energy and perfect to eat when the temperature dropped and the weather turned cold. People loved eating these cakes as treats on such days and especially around Christmas time. And over the years plum cakes became part and parcel of the Christmas tradition.

Yule Log

Another cake that people love to have on their Christmas platter is the Yule Log. This cake is made to look like the traditional log of wood that is burned in the fireplaces of people who live in European counties at Christmas time. This cake usually has a chocolate frosting which resembles a log of wood.  Christmas holly is often added to give the cake a cheery festive look.

Santa Claus cakes

Since Santa Claus is the most famous character associated with Christmas, people love having him on cakes. The red and white colors of Santa’s clothes when made from red and white icing look wonderfully delicious.

Christmas tree cakes

People also love to see cakes in the shapes of Christmas trees. These cakes look especially beautiful when placed next to a real Christmas tree. Cakes that are coated with marzipan are also much-loved at Christmas time. Marzipan made from finely ground almonds, egg white and sugar is a scrumptious Christmas sweet. When rolled in to a fine layer and coated on a cake, marzipan turns the cake in to a delicious Christmas treat.

Curiously shaped cakes

Cakes shaped like stars, reindeers, stockings, holly, bells, candy canes and snowmen are also wonderful ideas for Christmas time cakes. Being favorite symbols of the season, they never fail to add compliments to the season and make Christmas cheerful, merry and bright.

(Information courtesy: Monginis)

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