Business challenges faced by corporate gifting companies

Every trend, however unique or ubiquitous it might be, will stay around for a while and then fade out gradually, to make way for a new one. That’s how things go! Nothing is perpetual and permanent especially in today’s highly competitive and fragmented scenario where nothing is going to remain in public memory for too long.

So what is the way ahead to meet challenges in front of corporate gifting companies? The key is to foresee changes, take proper steps and shape your business model so as to stay tuned to the turn of events that tend to take place in a random manner, at times.

Same might or might not happen to many gifting objects especially with technology evolving at a rapid pace. Keeping this in mind, objects like clocks, calendars and diaries may need a touch of innovation, as users can now access data at the click of their fingers. To make these offerings relevant, they can be customized, more attractively packaged and skillfully branded to suit a corporate client’s specific demands and tastes.

Calendars can revolve around themes that are relevant to today’s times. Conversely, thematic diaries and clocks can be built around nostalgia to remind a user of the good old times instead of simply churning out countless pieces that all look same. Diaries must also accommodate dynamic needs – business-related, financial, professional, and even cultural of a user– to become more contemporary.

These are the subtle shifts –cultural or otherwise – the gifting industry professionals have to take into account while deciding their strategy and finalizing production/distribution/marketing plans. Bundling of utility products with a touch of novelty will clearly hold the key for the industry’s future growth and expansion. The worrying and equally exciting part, as stated above, is: What’s in fashion today will sort of fall out of the people’s choice list tomorrow.


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