Building the V-Day Mood in office

Valentines day moodSensitivity is the new buzzword in corporate circles these days, much like Friday Dressing and Power Lunching. Today, building solidarity with your employers and colleagues go way beyond mere efficiency on a project – showing team spirit is as much about caring through thoughtfully-chosen gifts as it is about doing overtime with everybody else. Building quasi-friendly relationships in the workplace goes a long way towards making the atmosphere light, stress-free and easygoing, which studies have proved lead to better output. While office decorum insists that V-Day celebrations be kept discreet, there’s no rule that says the celebrations must pass you by!


  • Pick soft shades of warm colours like a delicate pink, muted orange, a discreet red, a pale yellow etc, and deep (not bright) shades of cool colours like a sea green, teal blue and mature purple. Warm colours tend to be too eye-catching and distracting when selected in their vibrant shades, and cool colours tend to be cold and hard when chosen in their bright shades.
  • Keep the roses on the backburner – they’re too mushy and traditionally smack of love, but you can always stick other flowers in vibrant shades in your modern equivalent of an ink-hole and gain an aura of old-world charm.
  • Pick shapes that are slim and curved like a tall, willowy floor vase or an extra-slim watch


  • Calendars: The only real option you have here is picking one with themes. Calendars come in a variety of love themes from raunchy K-S positions (strictly not recommended for the office!) to historical facts and figures about Saint Valentine would reduce any romantic feeling to dust. Select one that is easy on the eye, un-embarrassing to the recipient and gets the romantic feel across without giving rise to office gossip.
  • Watches: Keep the straps slim, the dial delicate with diamantes embedded in it, and pale colours for women. For men – go the traditional way with bulky black straps; after all, men have to be men!
  • Clocks: They come in various colours other than the usual black and brown ones, and in interesting shapes and sizes. Stay away from the ones whose faces are painted with hearts and teddy bears though as well as musical clocks – they are too distracting in a workplace.
  • Chocolates are the least fussy gift one can give to a person at the workplace – and the most innocent of all Valentine presents!

Celebrations are about marking the passage of time, but each need not be a raucous, loud expression of excitement. It is easy to set the right Valentine mood at the workplace without becoming unprofessional. However, it is always wise to find out from old-timers what the office protocol is, and then take it from there.

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