To maximize the potential of any gifting-oriented event, many companies plan in advance and have a strategy ready. Nathan Ansell, Head (brand & marketing) of Marks & Spencer, states in an interview that the retailer must think strategically about the specific range it has on offer, exactly how to promote the same in-store plus the marketing logistics/support needed.

A recent article in The MarketingWeek by Lucy Tesseras analyzed the trend on eve of the recent Mother’s Day in the UK. It made the following observations:

  1. One reason people leave gift-buying so late for an occasion like this is because of the type of present being purchased, namely flowers and plants, where freshness is key. A third (32 percent) of all bought tend to fall into this category, while confectionery accounted for 11 percent and toiletries and cosmetics 8 percent. Clothing and household gifts are also gaining popularity at 9 and 6 percent.
  2. Flowers have always been the dominant force, and still are today, but when you look at the share flowers account for, the category is becoming less important. There are things such as women’s clothing, toiletries and household items really coming through. Though fewer gifts are bought when Mother’s Day falls near to Valentine’s Day, there is nothing to suggest this has a knock-on effect for Easter.
  3. For both Easter and Mother’s Day, grocers are a popular choice for gift-buying, which is again down to the type of items being purchased. On average, 31 per cent of Mother’s Day gifts are bought at a grocery store, which compares with 17 per cent for gift purchases in total. Although 37 per cent of gifts were purchased in supermarkets in 2012, growth has stagnated.
  4. “If grocers look to move into broader categories and bring in some higher-end gift items, it will help to drive a higher value. Grocers will always be at the value end of the market to a certain degree because of the way they operate in terms of other categories,” Kantar consumer research analyst Trevor Mears points out as quoted in The MarketingWeek report.

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