Beautify your workspace with pleasant objects

There can be no better occasion than Christmas and the New Year to take steps for providing the best and morale-boosting working conditions for your employees. Devise a plan to make your workspace pleasant and inviting even while retaining its professional, look and feel on eve of May Day. Involve your employees in the process to build a sense of bonding. Here are some tips to impart a pleasant touch to your workspace:

  1. Make it a point to deck the office walls, since bare, drab walls will make your office seem dull, lifeless. It can negatively affect your staff. Enhance and warm up your workspace by showcasing some lovely frames or prints on office walls. Use small potted plants and tasteful bonsai arrangements for creating a natural setting.
  2. Invite local artists to showcase their artwork on the office walls. It is a win-win situation as they get exposure for their quality work whereas you ensure office décor at a reasonable cost.
  3. Indoor fountains are a perfect accessory for creating a relaxing ambience. Their calming effect will make employees feel relaxed. Research has proved that they can boost the productivity. Wall fountains are akin to a relaxing oasis that will soothe home or office settings. One may turn on lights in the evening for a glowing effect. The ambiance created by illuminate water fountains is indeed unique!
  4. The hanging wall fountain can be placed right at the entrance or in the lobby. The rippled surfaces come alive with proper illumination. They beautify any room with their glow and charm, and make a memorable gift. These lovely creations are available either in form of a cute desktop fountain or a bigger courtyard fountain.
  5. Add a dash of glow to your office walls by repainting them. Choose a color that will reflect the spirit of your business. For example, if you are in a domain like industry like legal / finance services, you are better off picking a neutral color like light green, a shade of white or beige. On the other hand, go for walls with more visual appeal if you are into a creative business like designing, advertising or media. Using various color shades to their best advantage will revitalize your office.


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