There’s simply no excuse for your partner to forget this special day now and he must have already kept your gift ready … at least he should have. Though it is traditionally believed to be the man’s domain to get and give the gifts, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pick up some nice gifts for your husband or beloved friend, too.

Usually, men prefer to go for basic stuff that will serve a purpose instead of just being easy on the eye, but today with the emergence of the metro sexual man you can get a lot of products that are not only handy but also easy on the eye. Like wallets whose colors diverge from the usual black, brown and navy blue and veer into shades of green, burnt orange, charcoals, and sedate greys – interesting, but still keeping a manly ego in place. Watches that come with a variety of functions like reminders, calendars, alarms, radio etc are also fine.

Men like being gifted things that they can use, rather than just serving an ornamental purpose. They wouldn’t keep a certain clock because it ‘looks good’; they’d rather have something that boosts their image and looks powerful, like a sleek chrome clock that shouts out ‘class’ and ‘I-mean-business’ or a really thick pen! An i-pod loaded with his favorite songs or a good smartphone is a gift that he will love.

Now some Valentine’s don’ts

  • Avoid an office picnic hamper unless you are planning to share it with your colleagues and ready to clean up the mess. Nobody appreciates an employee taking more time than necessary at lunch and no one appreciates finding breadcrumbs in the grooves of the computer keyboard.
  • Unwanted public display of affection is a complete no-no – many find it embarrassing, at best, and distasteful, at worst. And no, V-Day is not a good-enough excuse.
  • Avoid gifting each other hygiene products that imply the other is not clean enough and could cause embarrassment in front of colleagues.
  • Last, but not the least, stick to your budget. Do not go overboard. There is love and life beyond Valentine’ Day.

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