Bags that serve as ‘walking billboard’ for your logo

Norquest promotional bags can incorporate custom corporate logo. It can be printed on high quality advertising specialty bags in a wide array of dynamic styles. The company understands the fact that the products purchased by corporate clients as business gifts for their stakeholders must positively reflect on the business image.

Tote bags, for example, are the perfect advertising value. No one would easily throw away a cotton bag so your logo is noticed time and again on this ‘walking billboard’, so to say. Among the most popular giveaways at top trade shows and business conventions, recipients are known to appreciate and reuse them.

Attendees appreciate a sturdy and good looking bag for holding the literature and samples collected there. Each recipient then casually strolls around the venue, thus advertising your presence there very effectively. The A01 economy tote is their most popular bag. It is used widely for promotions, give aways, trade shows and as a shopping bag. This cotton bag is great for a variety of uses. 001, another cotton canvas boat tote, is an attractive promotional product thanks to its low prices. Custom print a company logo and you can use it as a giveaway at fund raisers, trade fairs or turn it into a shopping bag.

Spelling out the core purpose of its shopping bags’ range, the website states: “Every shopper needs a bag to carry their shopping home in, but most are beginning to realize that choking a fish or killing a tree isn’t a necessary part of that. More and more shoppers are choosing stores that encourage the re-use of shopping bags. Our economical jute or cotton shopping bags are a great answer. They get re-used and act as a means of selling your store every time.”

To sum it up, the corporate gifts imprinted with a prominent custom message plus logo sure will act as your ‘silent yet most effective representative’. The motto of Norquest Brands Private Limited is to work towards delivering the best possible value for their client’s advertising dollar spent for promotion and marketing.

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