Corporate Gifting: A Way To Open The Doors Of Relationships


Corporate gifting is not a mere act of pleasing your employees, clients and colleagues but a way to open the doors to networking with a lot of people across the industry.

You may gift one of your colleagues and that may lead you to open the doors of a very profound relationship with that colleague which may last a lifetime. It may happen that your colleague may turn into a very good friend of your’s who will in turn help you with establishing new contacts within the industry. This way, you very profoundly establish a base for making new contacts through the art and craft of corporate gifting.

However, one must consciously take care of the things that you can ideally gift and the items that you shouldn’t. It becomes important that your gift can be useful in daily life and is long-lasting. This way, you give your self a chance for them to keep you in mind and cherish your gift for a long long time. Moreover, the gift that you choose should not be useful only in their professional lives but also beyond the professional realm.

It is essential to gift an item that touches a client’s, a colleague’s or an employees heart and counts as a contribution in aiding their personal, social and family life apart from their professional lives.

“A gift is one which mesmerizes the receiver and fills them with a smile”.

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Corporate gifting: Wishing Your Boss ‘A Happy Bosses Day’


Bosses are special because they are the ones who make sure that you are always feeling good while working for them within their company. Bosses motivate each and every one around them so that they grow into highly developed human beings. And so..

Bosses do deserve something very special.

This is the reason why “Happy Bosses day” is celebrated each year on the 16th of October.

Our bosses deserve something special in appreciation of their sincere help, kind words and inspiring actions.

A celebration, a party, or even a special corporate gift that would make them realize their intrinsic value in our eyes would be an ideal choice.

Bosses are unique in their own way. Gifting a boss is very different from gifting your very own colleague who sits right next to you.

As we asked the proprietor of Classic Themes, Ms. Shilpa Shah about gifting bosses,

She said:

A gift that makes the bosses wife happy should be given because if she is happy so is he.”

An employee must be carefully aware about the likings and dis-likings of their bosses. More crucially, bosses must not be presented with premium priced gifts that would annoy them.

Gifting a premium bouquet to your boss that is filled with fresh red roses, a well designed card and a simple box of chocolates can make your boss happier than ever.

Ultimately what matters is the relationship between the employee and his/her boss. The relationship must remain constant no matter what the situation. The spirit of well-being in the relationship must grow and the best way to make the situation better is to gift an item that would fill your bosses heart with joy.

And.. wish him.. “A HAPPY BOSSES DAY”.

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Corporate Gifting: Appreciating the value of the corporate person

Employee Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting to appreciate the value of the corporate person is a step forward to binding the person within an organization. Many Multi-National-Corporations take a step further and become far sighted to touch the lives of their community as a whole. In todays world of result oriented practices, the corporate person’s life requires to be appreciated in every way possible.

Gifting employees with items that make a difference to their lives is not essential for a complete life but also an invincible part of a business practice. That is why many corporations gift their employees with a luxurious vacation, a car or even a small pen or diary. This appeals to every corporate person and proves how valuable they are and will remain to be to their organization.

Indeed, corporate gifting to employees must be practiced not just to make them feel a part of the organization but also to make them realize that they have been appreciated for their valuable commitment and services that they have been providing in whatever way they can. Such an approach if practiced by looking forward to touch their lives beyond their professional realm and help the corporate person to evolve, grow and cherish their workplace can bind the employee with a corporate organization for a lifetime.

Corporate gifting to employees: A step to complete growth, confidence and creativity.

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Corporate gifting: The new way to celebrate life

Corporate Giting To Colleagues

Corporate gifting is a mode to connect with our colleagues in other companies. The benefit that we attain from gifting our colleagues is that we create a relationship that may last a year, two years or even more. We create a platform where we can have an informal relationship just like having another friend. Its’ the mode to build more contacts and credibility within your desired market or segment. Corporate gifting not as a formality but as an informal gesture can make you come closer to your colleagues working across the industry. Such a gesture will not only help a professional to open doors to new people in life but also new opportunities. It can also lead to a new platform where crucial information can be shared and trusted.

Corporate gifting lets a professional or a business person come closer with the industry as a whole. Thus, one must take corporate gifting as a dutiful responsibility towards one’s own growth.

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Importance of Branding in Corporate Gifting

‘Gifting builds relationships, and how you present is critical,’ says Sethi. For example, there are not many people today who would show off a set of glasses with the company’s name emblazoned on it, even if they are made of crystal. No one likes to be perceived as a free loader. And if the receiver can afford glasses without company logos, why would he use those that have them? ‘People give these gifts away to their peons. The only person these gifters please is their own boss, who wants to see a big bold company logo.’ If the company name must be used, feels Sethi, then it should not be intrusive, or it can be used on the package or on the card.

Some companies are not gift-oriented, and this often has to do with the industry they work in. ‘People seriously concerned about their business are hardly concerned with gifts. What matters to them is value created for them in their business,’ says Roshan Lal Agarwal, Head – National Sales, Foseco India Ltd, an industrial chemicals company which sticks to giveaways like calendars.

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Gift Giving Is Enormously Important To Every Consumer Business

Until now, the business of gift giving has been virtually ignored from a research perspective, yet its impact on the national economy, on retailers and consumer goods manufacturers is tremendous. The last quarter of year, the ‘gift-giving shopping season’ accounts for nearly one-fourth of total annual sales among the class of retailers, which includes home furnishings and appliance retailers, clothing and accessories, sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores, general merchandisers, and other miscellaneous retailers such as office supply, stationers, florists, and gift stores.

And that doesn’t even include the regular, routine gift-giving that occurs throughout the year for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, housewarmings and holiday occasions, such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentine’s Day etc.

Because people always have and surely always will give gifts, the industry has simply taken gift giving for granted and built a 5000 cr. industry on this assumption. But giftware companies and retailers are discovering that the consumer market is shifting. While gift companies and gift stores focus on finding and selling the next big gift item, consumers are choosing different kinds of gifts that they find in different kinds of stores.

Today, our society is incredibly affluent with most consumers having all the material goods they could possibly need. As a result, when shoppers go to the store, they rarely are driven by a need to buy anything, rather their purchases are based upon a desire to achieve an experience or a feeling.

The road to business success in the gift industry today is all about the consumer, anticipating their needs, satisfying their desires, fulfilling their dreams. Today, the products we sell are but a means to an end, and that end is a heightened experience…a good feeling …a positive emotion that connects the gift giver and the gift recipient.

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Corporate Gifts everywhere…

Everyone seems to be talking about corporate gifts, from economic times to Live mint, corporate gifting seems to be the flavor of the season.

The economic times had a special supplement about the ART OF GIFTING, this time around live mint has come out with a extra supplement which has given their perspective of corporate gifting.

Live mint talks about 111 gift ideas.. wow that’s really something. Click here to have a look at what they are offering. They are also holding (very similar to the one we had held).


Exclusive gifts with a low cost

Selecting an usable, acceptable and yet, exclusive gift need not be an expensive exercise. Practical considerations do demand an economic caste system, and gifts of different value and design are slotted for different levels and for different target markets, say dealers, or multinationals.

Even at junior levels and in the less sophisticated markets however, customers prefer exclusivity and novelty. They are more likely to appreciate a box of dates with almonds ensconced within than chocolate barfi, or a Rs30/- Chinese clock instead of a classic leather covered address book. As a result, old, traditional items like diaries and table top items have gone on the hit list.

‘How many paper weights and diaries is someone going to use anyway?’ asks Sethi,(Giftex) relating an anecdote of a pharmaceutical company which presented a doctor with a diary. The doctor told the representative to keep it for himself.

While choosing the right gift is important, how you give it is a vital aspect, because gifting is not just about brand recall, it’s about people (probably why corporate, specially BPO’s, are going in for internal gifting in a big way)

Corporate Gifting as a social responsibility: Charity begins at home

Corporate Gifting as a social responsibility: Charity begins at home

Corporate houses have realized that the society requires business houses to steer unprivileged individuals with better education and healthy living conditions. As a social responsibility, corporate houses are beginning to create gardens, make road repairs, build schools, build colleges and connect to the social citizen directly. This helps in branding the corporate identity and helps improve the social conditions universally.

Corporate gifting helps a society ‘evolve’ comprehensively by building a strong community of volunteers that take care of the urgent needs of society.

Especially during conditions when a person requires monetary help for medical operations and surgery, online corporate giants such as MSN, yahoo, and others such as IBM gift people with the necessary financial and emotional support.

Corporate gifting to society helps multiply the benefits and can also be marked as a fruitful investment that will benefit the corporate houses themselves over a long period of time.

Wine: A Premium Gift For The Royal Corporate


Corporate gifting, especially to achieve a company’s relationship building objectives, has taken a new dimension.

Clients are always special and they always deserve a special gift.

There can be nothing more special than gifting a premium wine bottle that adds value to making a business deal within corporate circles.

Since the number of wine lovers is growing at a tremendous rate, wine is leading the list of corporate gifts. Corporate gifting has taken a new leap and is used as a means of branding a company’s image.

Many corporates when gifting a wine bottle add the company logo tag with a personalized message that ensures that the company receives due credit for the same. Along with gifting a wine bottle, many corporates add crystal-ware, gourmet foods and other wine accessories to the gift basket.

Nitin Goel, Sales Director, Tribalware says:

“Nothing beats a good wine bottle, wrapped in hand-made paper and packed in a bamboo basket with a couple of neatly-packed wine glasses as a corporate gift.” (Source: Economic Times).

“Besides providing the perfect blend of informality even amidst ceremonial relationships, a gift of wine symbolizes a celebration of sorts too… which most other gifts can’t match” he concludes.

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