Jute products fill our life with joy and shades. You can sure bring a smile on the face of someone close to you with classy jute gifts that are bound to leave one spellbound with their perfection in design and dexterity. Here is a glimpse of the amazing range of gorgeous jute gifts:

• The jute handicrafts stand for skill and excellence of the craftsmen who transform the natural jute into compelling products with an aesthetic appeal.

• A wide range of lifestyle jute products are available and can be used for gifts like attractive wall decorative pieces, dress materials and terracotta embedded items.

• Jute is used for home décor products to suit eclectic lifestyles. Decorative pieces blended with embroidery made from jute look stunning.

• Jute garments come in sizzling spectrum in hand printed, embroidered, and dyed features. Jute woven fabrics are used in making attractive stuffed toys.

• Accessories like lovely ladies’ fancy bags and pouches are available in all sizes, shapes and styles. Even ubiquitous day-to-day products like mats and coasters get a creative touch with creative designs and shades that definitely hold one’s attention.

• A variety of children’s bags are available in different interesting shapes and sizes. Children will surely relish them owing to their cute designs and catchy patterns.

• Handmade jute wall hangings and jewelry are a great way to pamper someone you wish to please.

Then again, there are some unconventional gifts in the form of handsome and artistic wine bottle holders in jute – perfect for wine connoisseurs. These jute wine bags are available in a wide range of shapes and stunning designs. Made from an eco-friendly material, they look trendy. With their peerless look, they enhance the appeal of wine racks.

GIFTEX is an authentic source for an amazing range of utility and fashion accessories in jute. Join the summer show taking place in Mumbai during the last week of March to check out a wide array of attractive and cost-effective gifts in an eco-friendly material.

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