Astrologically correct gift ideas

You may love astrology or hate it, but cannot ignore it. There are peculiar gift giving ideas relevant to each sign. Whether you are deliberating over what to gift your boss, your friend or mate on his/her birthday or any special occasion, their zodiac signs will give you clues for the suitable gift. Here, we consider Aries, Taurus and Gemini!


Boss: An Arian boss is all about ‘me, me, and me’! A gift, which pampers or boosts their ego, is a perfect choice. Personalized gifts work well for them (e.g. personalized office desk sets, pens, etc.). High end electronics items (palm tops, digital camera etc,) will also please them.

Friend & Family: An Aries partner is usually quite competitive by nature. Things, which generate a sense of competition, will get their pulse racing. Tickets to a sport of their action or some adventure action will be appreciated by them. And if the action involves speed (such as in horse racing), that’s even better! A dress in any deep shade of red will make Arian women happy since the ruling planet for them is Mars! Aries represents the head, hence any gift that has to do with the head like a fancy hair ornaments or some funky headgear, etc. is a good option.


Boss: Your boss with Taurus as zodiac sign is hard working and practical in approach. So avoid frivolous, fancy gifts! Try something practical! A utility accessory, such as a leather briefcase, a rolodex or credit card holder will be ideal. Add some chocolates and sweets to satiate their sweet tooth.

Friend & Family: A Taurus partner desires something that will touch not only their emotions but also physical senses. Exotic fragrance, scented candles, silk sheets, etc. should do the trick for you. Taurus represents the throat and neck. So, opt for a pretty scarf, bold tie or necklaces. Musical CDs and cassettes are recommended since Taurus also rules the vocal chords.


Boss: Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Gemini. Gifts for a Gemini boss should make him/her analyze, think, and communicate. Good choices are mobile accessories, Internet applications, organizer, PDA etc.

Friend & Family: A Gemini relishes discovering new things. Travel is atop their priority list. So, a romantic weekend getaway will be a great gift. Travel kits, magazines, trendy luggage should also work well! Alternatively, pick gifts that keep them occupied like games, quiz books (Sudoku), etc.

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