Art Expo India brought together the best of Indian art

Art Expo India (AEI) 2009 acted as a window to peep into vibrant vistas of contemporary Indian art. It brought together leading art galleries from India and abroad, to provide a glimpse of talented contemporary artists, working in various genres, styles, mediums and themes.

The second edition of the event was a fulfilling journey, involving art connoisseurs, collectors and investors. There were a series of informative seminars involving Jitish Kallat, Ranjit Hoskote, Alka Pande, Anjolie Ela Menon and Bose Krishnamachari, among others. Also on the panel of speakers were internationally renowned experts like Kay Saatchi and Judith Greer.

With years of experience behind her, Mrs. Saatchi’s keynote address on spotting young talent and building up an art collection was insightful as well as entertaining. Judith Greer, an independent arts producer and consultant for contemporary art projects, talked about ‘Art in Life: the daily pleasure of collecting’.

AEI struck meaningful partnerships to promote art in every form it exists. A case in point was its association with the London-based art initiative, Heart on Art, which organizes exhibitions, promote artists, hosts thematic art events, and collaborates with corporations to build a cultural connection.

Priyanka Sethi, the brain behind Heart on Art, is a keen follower of contemporary art trends. She has played a major role in evolving themes and outlining ideas for art talks and seminars at Art Expo India 2009. Her passion for art is reflected in her efforts to generate an interest in art and connect the broader art world with unknown markets, segments and people. Using her insight of contemporary art world, She played a major role in making the event a success.

Summing up the spirit of the event, organizer Vickram Sethi said, “Art is about looking without prejudice and approaching subjects without preconceived notions. Art Expo India created a space where collectors could see the context in which the art is produced and how far along the journey Indian art is.”

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