Are you purchasing a gift for your male friend? Read on…

We have previously discussed ‘the nightmare of getting gifts for men’ in one of our previous blog posts.

A news report on eve of the Valentine’s Day celebrations underlines the very fact that it can really be tough to get a gift particularly for a man. It points out: “If you perhaps think it is as easy as selecting a gift for a woman, you may have to think again! But choosing an appropriate gift especially for men is indeed a tough task.”

The report point outs even men agree to the fact that it can get difficult to purchase a gift for their male friends. Quoting Actor Samir Soni who states, “The entire trip of selecting gifts can be saved from becoming a real nightmare, if the individual you are gifting it to is there with you.”

As he suggests the best option for this dilemma is to take your male friend along with you and let him get what he likes. However, some men think the whole confusion lies with the male friend for whom one is getting a gift.

Actor Swapnil Joshi states, “If you happen to know the person well and visit the shopping mall with some clarity in mind, choosing a gift is not an issue.” Most men state they dislike getting gifts. For instance, actor Umar Wani states, “I do not expect really anything (material). However, I do not mind if someone decides to gift me nice cologne. Even I would prefer gifting some good cologne in case I have to gift a male friend.”

Apart from cologne, there are many other interesting gifting options such as games, holiday vouchers, sports gear etc can be gifted to men. Swapnil adds, “I do not mind holiday vouchers (as a gift).” He suggests gifts should be chosen from a wide range including clothes, games, party, holiday vouchers, which would be great.

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