Apt gift for regular air travelers

There is a wide array of travel utilities or accessories that you consider presenting to your business associate who is a constant air traveler. Some of these include ear phones, refreshing wipes and hand sanitizer; eye mask and ear plugs, neck pillow and flight socks. Here’s how they can be handy, thus making them all an apt gift idea.

Refreshing wipes and hand sanitizer

Airplane bathrooms are barely big enough for travelers to get in and out without standing on the toilet seat to open the door. To freshen up without dealing with the sink, refreshing wipes will help give one a healthier glow after all those hours of recycled air blowing on one’s face. Germs are abundant on planes so it’s good to always have a tiny bottle of moisturizing hand sanitizer to keep germaphobia at bay for the long-haul.

Eye Mask and ear plugs

If a traveler is not one of the lucky ones who can fall asleep on an airplane, then an eye mask can help him or her try to get some shut eye, especially when the person seated next has the window shade fully open during a daytime flight or when the cabin lights haven’t gone down yet. One can block out the chatty neighbors with a handy pair of ear plugs. Some airlines give them for free, but it’s best to bring one’s own.

Neck pillow and flight socks

If any individual tends to lose all the support in his or her neck while sleeping so that the head does not sway from side to side and from seatmate to seatmate’s shoulder then it it better to get a neck pillow. They make them in all types of fabrics and even travel-size inflatable ones that don’t take up much of carry-on allowance. An extra pair is convenient when a traveler wants to take a ‘stroll’ up and down the aisles without having to put the shoes back on.

Ear phones

If a person plans on taking advantage of the in-flight entertainment, he or she should bring a set of ear buds or headphones because the quality of economy class freebie headphones isn’t anything worth writing home about.

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