It’s a day when one must remain vigilant because he or she may be the victim of the All Fools’ Day innocuous prank! Those performed today can range from the very basic and simple pranks like saying, “Oh! your shoe is untied!,” to the more refined ones.  You may set alarm clock of your roommate back by a couple of hours. You can look for some uncommon gags. Whatever may the prank, the idea is to ‘April Fool’ the victim.

On the first of April, it may be a good idea to look the other way if you see a purse lying on the sidewalk. It may well be empty and you’ll become an ‘April Fool’.  The festival of  Holi also involves such tricks and pranks. Unlike most other non-foolish holidays, the April Fool’s Day history is not clearly defined.

There wasn’t a so-called first Fool’s Day you can pinpoint on the calendar. It is believed that the day just sort of evolved in several cultures, from celebrations on the first day of spring. The closest known year that can be identified to mark the day was in 1582, in France. Prior to 1582, the New Year celebrations took place for eight long days, March 25 onwards.

The celebrations culminated on April 1. However, with the changes in the calendar, the Gregorian calendar came into being. The New Year was moved to January. However, many did not know the change for several years owing to poor communication.

Others, the more obstinate ones, simply refused to accept it and continued to mark the New Year on April 1. They were labeled as ‘fools’ and were often were made the butt of practical jokes. This evolved into a light-hearted tradition of prank playing on the day. It eventually spread to other parts of the world.

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