An internet giant unveils new gifting feature

Taking a cue out of Aggregift’s playbook, Internet major Amazon has just launched ‘Amazon Birthday Gift’, its new feature” that lets a group of Facebook friends go in together on its Gift Card, with that gift won’t getting posted to Facebook Timeline of the recipients till their big occasion actually arrives.

For getting started with this new service, a user will need to buy an Amazon gift card, invite his or her mutual friends to contribute by using the Birthday Gift site. On the special day, that recipient gets tagged in a Facebook Timeline wall post, to receive the card as well birthday greetings from everyone..

This new addition marks an expansion of the digital shopping giant’s further integration with social media company Facebook, started with the launch of a ‘Friends & Family Gifting’ exclusive feature last December on eve of the holidays season for generating Facebook-enabled gift ideas, sending out reminders apart from enabling gift list sharing via social networks and email. Walmart, its online competitor had launched a similar kind of Facebook-oriented gift recommendation service previously that was added to the former’s site during the holiday season in 2012.

Social gifting though is still in the experimental phase, in spite of the support the concept has got from many e-commerce giants such as Walmart, and Amazon among others. For example, Facebook has dabbled in this domain with the debut of Facebook Gifts in fall 2012 (built atop of Karma, a former social gifting venture). The service meant to seamlessly tie into the birthday reminders, one of its most regular draws. The aim is to make users visit the website, and add some gift along with a “happy birthday’ message.

The network offers gifts such as  iTunes digital Gift Cards plus physical goods. It even came up earlier this year with its very own ‘Facebook Card’. However, even with its vast reach, Gifts service of Facebook  has been slightly struggling as far generating serious revenue is concerned. It’s rather falling short on count of revenue projections and estimates.

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