An elegant exercise tracking device well worth gifting

Jawbone is known for its Bluetooth headsets. The USP, launched late last year (November 2011), is its first fitness device. What are its exclusive features that make it well worth gifting. Let’s check out:

  1. Coming in the form of a small wristband, it carries a small LED light along with motor inside for vibrations for feedback. It comes with an easy-to-use app iPhone/iPod Touch users can install. When you plug the wristband into your phone, it uploads all the data into it.
  2. When you plug it into your phone, you get a simple graph of the day, with three bars on it displaying how long you’ve slept, how much you exercised and what you ate. If you meet your goals on any, there are visual cues to praise you for that bar, and if you tap the bar you can get details about that field.
  3. Its standout feature is the silent alarm that monitors if a user is in deep sleep or light sleep, and wakes him or her up by vibrating if and when the sleep is least restful, within a half-hour window around desired wake-up time. The benefit of this is you wake up easily and are able to get out of bed instead of pressing the snooze button. So, for instance, the sleep bar will expand to show details of deep sleep versus restless sleep, how long you took to sleep, how long you slept; this data can be compared across days.
  4. The interface tracks how far you’ve walked every day, and there are charts for other activities like exercising in the gym. The system takes all this into account and tracks how many calories this helped you burn. The app requires you to take a photo of every meal. Instead of making a graph against a database to display calories, it asks you to rate the food on how it makes you feel, and gives an encouraging response when you eat the foods that make you feel healthier.
  5. This gentle prompting, along with the accurate exercise tracking, is a good reason to buy the UP. The UP has a battery life of 10 days. Its exercise tracking is pretty thorough. It’s priced at roughly $100 (around Rs 5,300), plus shipping charges.

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