Alcohol, a Perfect Party Gift

Alcohol, a classy beverage Alcohol is an integral part of the current work ethos. Several organizations throw semi-formal parties and on many occasions proposals are discussed over a couple of drinks at the bar around the corner. An evening out with the bosses or partners or colleagues at least once a week has become passé. Many would credit these relaxed evenings meetings to their increased alcohol intake. June 8 brings with it Name Your Poison Day and, suddenly, there is an extra edge in your favorite drink. Alcohol, wine

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you’re mixing your poison with office. After all, your choice of poison says a lot about you.Vodka

Vodka is a tasteless, odorless drink that takes on any flavor that you want it to by mixing it with the right juice or soft drink. It’s great with lemonade, apple juice and tonic water.

What it says about you: You are a free-thinker, flexible and like to experiment.

Rum sits on the fence between the sophistication of Scotch and the bonhomie of beer. In fact, it is a great choice for office parties. Rum

Dark rum is best with coke, while white rum tastes good with most soft drinks and juices. What it says about you: You’re fun-loving without being frivolous and you love a good joke. You know how to get your work done with tact.

Whiskey carries with it the image of success.While wine is for the sophisticated socialite, a good scotch is the choicest poison for the savvy and successful businessman. Whisky, Whiskey

Mix it with soda and water — it’s the best combination. Or have it on the rocks. What it says about you: You are sophisticated, mature and think in terms of the bigger picture. You are a good strategist and always in control of a situation.

Wine is not just the poison of the season. Many love to take up a glass of wine to emulate a certain snobbery, but the health benefits of the drink has helped it catch on with many, with even doctors recommending a glass or two every week. Wine

Wine is best paired with the right kind of food — red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat. What it says about you: You like the finer things in life. Red wine drinkers are seen as discerning and organized people whereas white wine drinkers are perceived to be more enterprising and assertive.

Wine and whiskey make for great gifts. Whiskey is a great accessory for when you are aiming to make contacts at a party, or want to clinch a new deal. Wine is great at cocktail parties and formal sit-down dinners. Vodka is suitable for semi-formal office events. Beer

Beer is absolutely perfect for office lunches or outdoor events like annual meets and picnics. Rum goes with almost any evening event but can be unpopular in hot weather. You want to make a gift of your drink? Wine and a fine Scotch are first-rate choices, but ascertain your recipient’s tastes to better decide.

Drinking Etiquette
Take a moment and think about how you are downing your poison in full view of your colleagues and superiors. You may feel that you are a seasoned and hardened drinker, but others might have a different impression of you.
1. Never gulp your drink — sip it.
2. Don’t mix drinks, no matter what the temptation.
3. Don’t get excited just because the drinks are on the house — even if you are, don’t show it.
4. Don’t give everybody the impression that you’re a loser by counting your pegs.
5. Drink a glass of water after every two drinks.
6. Wipe excess moisture off your hands before shaking someone else’s.
7. Carry mints with you — after a few drinks you will need them!

You know you are too high when …
1. You find yourself slapping your boss’ back
2. You feel light-headed to the point of dizziness
3. You get sloppy with your speech
4. You find yourself uninhibited to the point of no control
5. If you’re feeling like throwing up, you’re beyond control already. Just make sure that you are throwing up alone, in a locked bathroom.

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