Akshay Kumar’s gift for his son Aarav

Delving into the topic of celebrities and gifting, we just came across an interesting news report ‘Akshay’s gift for hi son Aarav’ that mentioned the busy actor is fast rushing through the remaining portion of his first animation film so that he is able to host an exclusive premier for his six-year-old son along with his friends before anybody else could get to see it.

And he has to do it fast, as the report mentions, quickly as Aarav is now losing his patience. Akshay wants to fulfill his son’s ardent wish and has been desperately asking all his colleagues to dub the film as soon as they could so that he can hold the screening.

He has been quoted as saying: “Yes Aarav (his son) wants to see Jumbo. He is so very excited about watching the film.” But there is a cute story behind what made Akshay’s beloved son come up with this request to his dad.

The report adds: “After coming back from Cape Town, Akshay has been carrying most of the voice rehearsals of this movie at his home at Andheri. And Aarav used to be there and sit beside his father while the rehearsals went on. The whole exercise of everyone shouting in some strange voices amazed the little boy. He giggles and claps throughout the sessions. He ensures that he does not miss any of these rehearsal sessions whenever he is at home.”

Aarav reportedly likes animation films. His favorites are Kunfu Panda and Shark Tale. Jumbo is a family tale. It talks about family values. Aarav got very excited after seeing the portions of it and he went up to his dad immediately, and screamed that he wanted to see the film along with his friends as soon as possible on the big screen. His wish has been granted.

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