Adhere to Mickey Mehta’s advice to tackle the terror trauma

The terror strike in Mumbai rattled people across the world. The gruesome strikes have left a deep scar on many innocent minds. To deal with the trauma, India’s leading Holistic Health & Fitness Guru Mickey Mehta has some invaluable tips on offer.

He notes that the person’s attitude matters most within the restrictive situation that he or she is caught in. When in a charged state of mind a few simple breathing exercises can help you cope.

Inhaling and exhaling in proper and rhythmic fashion can help calm your pulse and heart rate.

1. Anulom Vilom pranayam: Inhaling and exhaling through alternate nostrils
2. Bhramhari pranayam: Inhalation and long exhalation with humming sound

These two breathing techniques will help calm your nerves and will also help clear your mind to be more focused. The adrenalin rush during such times can result in palpitation and increased heart rate.

To counter this: – Take deep breaths through the nose – Exhale through the mouth – Make it a prolonged exhalation – Keeping your eyes closed, do simple meditation These simple breathing techniques will help to stay you well oxygenated and will ensure that your presence of mind is not impaired. You can thus stay calm and keep your sanity intact.

If you are caught in a jam or get cornered, spread out the food intake as well as the available quantities of water. It is possible to stay longer without food but water needs to last until you are rescued. The person should keep all these aspects in mind and be positive in your thinking, hoping for more favorable consequences. There is a need to think positive to tackle the tough times. Pass this message to your friends and colleagues so that they are mentally and physically prepared to deal with any unforseen, adverse circumstances.

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