‘Sweet Moments’ for a touch of sweetness to corporate gifting

Customization and every effort made to meet each discerning client’s tastes is the motto of Sweet Moments. The company endeavors to offer a memorable experience full of true sweetness and richness for some of those very special moments that one would like to remember for years to come. It’s a perfect choice for generic occasions as well as social and festive celebrations including Diwali, Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

Meeting each specific requirement of every client in terms of size, taste, theme, branding, quality and quantity is what makes Sweet Moments stands apart from its competitors, points out Kranti Kothari of Sweet Moments. She emphasizes on the unique facets that make their offerings absolutely unmatched. For example, they had conceived a mouth-watering theme park for one of their clients. The whole idea, as mentioned above, is in keeping with the company’s belief of helping its clients savor all the unforgettable experiences for a long time to come.

Sweet Moments is a venture greatly passionate about the luscious and mouth-watering chocolate confections. Its experts take immense pride in every bit of captivating stuff it creates, striving to make their offerings outstanding in terms of taste and look. Produced invariably by hand in desired quantities, they use the best quality premium ingredients.

No surprise, their chocolates are dazzling, darker, and taste great (sweetness can be adjusted to suit each client’s requirements). Their chocolates exude an exquisite intensity in flavor sans being overwhelming in size yet majestic in finish. Their sweets come in stylish and beautiful packs, which in itself is bound to please the receiver, thus making them perfect for your branding exercise.  In a testimony to its reputation is its impressive client list that includes names like Set Max (MSMD), Blue Star, Cactus Communications, Monarch Universal, and TOR Networks, among others.

From its superb environmentally friendly packaging to pristine individual confections, Sweet Moments sure will help you in your endeavor of building lasting business relationships that will go beyond business, bringing you rich rewards over time. So add a touch of sweetness to your corporate gifting program with Sweet Moments.

Sweet Moments

Govind Dham Building,
Golibar Road No. 7
Santacruz East, Mumbai -400055
Contact: kranti@sweetmoments.co.in

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