Add a tinge of gourmet to your corporate gifting plans

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes to constitute gourmet dining or gourmet food these days? I mean, is it all about the usage of high-end or exotic ingredients? Is it just preparing all from scratch or is it more about artful presentations?

The term ‘Gourmet’ is used for describing food, coffee, cookware, restaurants, and for that matter pet food. Right from the best quality charcuterie/artisan cheeses, to a wide variety of international wine, the demand and trend for gourmet food has indeed picked up. A majority of gourmet speciality stores have on offer different cheeses, meats, cold cuts, olive oil, signature breads, organic products, sandwiches and salads, dips and sauces etc.

Be it mozzarella for that thin crust pizza, gorgonzola for the fabulous fondue party or Gouda for that sumptuous cheese platter, gourmet is an integral part of our daily lifestyle. Not merely exotic food, it now caters to organic way of living as well. Herbal teas, breakfast cereals, herbs, cookies and nutribars can all be counted among the gourmet-centric offerings.

With more and more Indians visiting western countries, their exposure to good food and fine dining has increased, resulting in an increasing awareness of the emerging food class or classy food. While gourmet tends to form a major part of exotic cuisine, organic products are also being increasingly added to the mix. People are keen to experiment with food. It has become a sort of indulgence.

Socialite Chaya Momaya, known to be a foodie, was quoted as saying in an interview that the future of food lies in gourmet, and rightly so! Momaya has experienced and tested it at many locations around the world, and has been witness to its rising popularity in Indian cities. The new restaurants and food stores in Mumbai these days deliver a delectable variety of marvelous treats that will send your taste buds tingling. Keeping with the trend, why not add a tinge of gourmet to your corporate gifting plans?

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