Accessories and utilities for star gazers

As we informed in the previous post, solar eclipse on July 22 has become a spectacle not to be missed with special tour packages planned to watch the spectacular event from up close. It has turned into a tourist’s delight in India. Travel firms are cashing on the opportunity to lure tourists with a ‘six-and-a-half minutes’ of irresistible show to their regular tour packages.

The eclipse event has been included in regular tour itineraries to make them more exciting. And they have become a big hit. The eclipse can be seen in states such as Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal among others. The holy city of Benares and Gaya have become the hotspots for the hottest event of the year just in a week’s time from now.

The solar eclipse will sure rekindle interest in star gazing. There are so many accessories and utilities that you can offer to sky watchers as a worthy addition to their kit. Binoculars are an affordable, lightweight alternative to costly telescopes. One can easily spot objects as faint as magnitude 10 with a good pair. Among the most common binoculars for stargazing are: ‘8×35’ (magnifies 8 times; has a 35mm aperture), and ‘7×50’ (magnifies 7 times; has a 50mm aperture). Aperture denotes front lens size

The ‘8×35’ binoculars magnify more powerfully but they collect less light than the ‘7×50’ type, so the former is not as powerful for observing extremely faint objects. On the other hand, high-end or supergiant binoculars range up to ‘20×100’ plus. They appear more like twin telescopes than just a standard binocular.

A handy accessory for using them is a binocular holder, also called a tripod. A user’s hands might shake while holding a pair of binoculars, hence it’s recommend that they prop up and steady their binoculars.

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