Chef Pro India, associated with North American Mercantile India Pvt. Ltd., has on offer a wide range of quality kitchen appliances such as Wet & Dry grinders, Induction cookers, Electric kettles and Automatic rice cookers. We take a quick look at their impressive product portfolio:

    Wet & Dry grinder

Their Wet & Dry Grinder grinds dry as well as moist foods. Chef Pro Wet & Dry grinder has a powerful 350 watts motor to grind the foods in a jiffy. Chef Pro grinder is constructed with Stainless Steel and has 3 speeds – Pulse, Low and High. It can grind and make Pesto Sauce, Salsa, Coffee powder, Spice rubs in seconds. Its stainless steel cup is removable and dish washer safe. Safety features include where motor does not turn ‘on’ until the lid is locked in to its position.

    Induction cooker

Considered one the most eco-friendly products for its energy-efficiency, induction cook faster than gas or electric cook tops, reducing 50% of the cooking time. The company claims to possess powerful and cost-effective induction cooking range. Induction recognizes the base of the cookware and directly heats only the diameter of the pot, so very little energy is wasted. The induction cook top surface remains cool to the touch since only the pot is heated. There are no open flames or smoke making it a safe and convenient cooking solution. Heating and temperature adjustments are immediate. The flat smooth surface of the Portable Induction cook top is made of high quality heat resistant glass, making spills easy to clean.

    Electric kettle

It can easily and quickly boil water to make tea, instant coffee or soup. You just have to the turn the switch to boil the water in a few seconds. Chef Pro Electric Kettle Features has a capacity 0.6 Liter with automatic shut off; water level indicator; wide mouth, easy to fill and single touch easy to open & close lid.

    Automatic rice cooker

It can easily and quickly make perfect rice. You just have to place rice and water in your Chef Pro Automatic Rice Cooker and simply turn it on to make delicious steamed rice or tasty biryani. The automatic Rice Cooker with a capacity 1.8 lt has stainless steel lid, cool touch handles, and extra cooking pot.

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