A Whole Range of Perfumes to Gift for Romantic Hearts

Archies perfumes

Archies perfumes: Archies has on offer a range of perfumes that are classy, yet affordable,, including Black Magic, Stupid Cupid Parfum, Voce Men, Stupid Cupid Deo, Lovely Chastity, Happy Days.
NafNaf (for women): A recently launched version of fragrance NafNaf brings a feeling of happiness highly accentuated with fruity accords. It heralds awakening of enthusiasm, and new adventures.Naf Naf Perfume
NafNaf fragrance, excitingly romantic, opens a new door to emotions. It creates a fruit cocktail with mouthwatering pear and mango, leading to elegant heart that introduces a floral bouquet of orange blossom, jasmine and iris with hints of watery fruity aromas as well as peony.

Gaultier 2 Perfume
Gaultier 2 Perfume: This Perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier, the famous design house, possesses a blend of Vanilla, Musk and Amber. The seductive tones are nicely blended through a smoke screen of myrhh and incense, for a fragrance that impart sensuality.

I Loewe You
I Loewe You: This women’s fragrance is aimed at an innocent, extrovert, spontaneous teenager. It belongs to the family of fruity and floral fragrances. ‘I Loewe You’ would serve as an exclusive gift for the lively and ingenious female you want to get cozy with.
Elle PerfumeElle: This fantastic fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent will win the hearts of young, modern, urban girls. It is tender and brings joy with luminous lemon’s crisp notes of along with litchi on the peony petal. Elle is perfectly wearable!
The Hugo XX and XY: The Hugo style, the version XX for females, brings gourmand The Hugo XX and XYfruity notes, whereas that for men (XY) fetches an aromatic rhythm. The former is available in golden campaign tones, whereas the men’s is metallic grey tone. They are created so for emphasizing the differences between both sexes, also highlighting the mutual magnetic attraction.

Davidoff adventureDavidoff Adventure
: The Davidoff Adventure, a men’s perfume, has been inspired by adventure – the concept of wild nature with hot spices and bright colors has been blended to remind the wearer of the sensuality of exotic woods and the humid freshness of the rainforest.

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