A spotlight on Elder Instruments

Elder Instruments Private Limited is part of the renowned and well-established Elder Group of companies.For record, the business house started its operations in 1988 primarily as a Pharmaceutical Company Since then Elder group has rapidly diversified into other related activities, like Healthcare, Surgical Products, Medical Devices, Consumer Products, Bulk Drugs, International, Industrial Instruments & Process Automation.

Their operations have strong presence in Asian & European Markets. The group has achieved a turnover of about USD 100 Million in just nineteen years of operation. The group is well known for its international tie-ups for varied products ranging from pharmaceutical products, medical equipment and industrial instruments.

Elder Instruments commenced its Integrated Weighing operations in the year September 1993 with an aim to gain a foothold in the process control industry. Being in the process industry, the company understands the process problems better and give the best efforts to find easy solutions, so that the instruments are more users friendly. That is the only way it could gain an edge over competition, the management believes.

Their products are put into the market with the best features and facilities, always leading the current market traditions with Continuous Process Improvement to make the product more users friendly. They have an in house R & D and on site testing at various sister concerns. All the products on offer give a complete customized solution set with the basic individual requirements standardized.

It offers the most advanced technology to the market at extremely competitive prices. The emphasis has been on application of Load Cell technology and Process Instrumentation to address various process problems, which are so typical, as well as rare for every industry. Their relentless efforts in this direction have earned us expertise in these areas.

All their product range offers an on-line documentation with easy computer compatibility. Also the software provided for the automation is programmed within wide range of packages to make it compatible with the current working system of the user organization. The back-end used gives an easy storage and manipulation of the database whereas the front-end provides attractive screens for Graphical User Interface to enter and control various parameters.

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