A ‘smart’ way to gift on festive occasions

A popular form of a gift card is the one issued by retail establishments. A retailer will give a card instead of a voucher. This type of card is an improved version of a gift voucher, as it allows multiple transactions to be carried out. Landmark, for instance, has similar cards on offer.

On such occasions, shopping reaches its peak across India. A festive season is obviously one for shopping clothes, accessories, furniture, gadgets and much more as there are lots of discounts, cool deals and offers available during this period. Keeping this in mind, gift certificates are ideal for grand festive occasions like Diwali, the festival of lights that brings a large family, a group of friends or even a work unit together. And obviously when a group of people meets at one place during a major festival, there is bound to be some gossip, partying as well as exchange of wishes and gifts…

Gift vouchers are in keeping with the tradition of gifting during a festival as part of the time-tested ritual of wishing each other joy and prosperity as well as exhibiting the spirit of sharing and caring. Every person, who looks to make a gifting gesture, also makes an effort to save money. From this angle as well, a gift voucher is a smart corporate gift option. An individual can present it to family members, friends, colleagues, employees and relatives.

Gift vouchers are widely presented on festive occasions as they entail a lot of benefits. First of all, they would enable the receiver to buy a gift of his or her own choice. Next, they also enable the receiver to save money that would have been spent in buying their choice of gift anyway. On the other hand, gift vouchers allow the giver to save the hassle of customizing a gift. Whichever way you look at it, a gift-voucher is a smart way to gift during a festive occasion. So what are you waiting for?

To sum up, keep in mind the following keys to successful gifting:
1. Define the Purpose of Giveaways

2. Set Your Budget and Quantity

3. Logo or no long and personalization

4. How will you distribute? – In person, mail, trade shows

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