Yes, there can be a no better way than to gift a rose to celebrate the feelings containing beauty and romance of life? Different colors of roses have different meanings and connotations. Check these out before buying a bouquet for someone at office or at home. What do red roses, pink ones, white roses, and coral roses signify?

Red roses are commonly associated with love and romance and, particularly with Valentine’s Day. Nothing can be more intense than love represented by a single long-stemmed rose, conjuring up visions of a couple doing the Tango. The deeper and darker the shade of red, the better!

The red rose with sharp, prominent thorns are significant of the truth that pain and sorrow are worth it … for love. Save these for your romantic partner – gifting them to your secretary will just land you in court.

Just like pink is a gentler shade of red, it symbolizes a gentler, more unassuming kind of love or affection. With that love the pink rose carries gratitude and appreciation toward the recipient. Deep pink roses signify gratitude, admiration, appreciation and sympathy. They can be presented to a sick person suggesting ‘Get well soon’.

Light pink roses denote liveliness and fun. Pale pink roses suggest admiration, sweetness and gratitude. They can be used to express feelings strictly confining to friendship. All pink roses can be used in friendship bouquets. Pick your occasion well when opting for these roses.

Innocence, pure love, reverence and humility are the qualities associated with the white rose. It is an ideal flower to begin a relationship with, representing a kind of spiritual love. White roses are common for both the most joyous and painful occasions, as they are a symbol of honor and purity at a wedding and a token of remembrance and reverence at funerals. Again, the occasion on which you choose to use these roses makes them appropriate, or not.

The lilac or lavender rose is a rare flower and is said to be one of the most beautifully elegant flowers on this Earth. Due to its unusual nature, it is fast becoming a popular choice for the expression of romantic feelings. Their unusual color also led them to be associated with enchantment in older times.

On the other hand, coral roses are highly vibrant roses with the multitude of colors layered and overlapping each other. They reveal desire and passion and are often picked up by those who are passionate by nature.