A reflection of your true self

Mirrors can indeed make a woman more beautiful and glowing. Keeping this in mind, a store in Mumbai has introduced a special range on the eve of International Women’s Day. Everyone, of course, needs this fascinating object just to check oneself and give that one last touch before setting out. It’s an object that also adds to the beauty and ambience of your home.

Once you step into the pretty settings of Serenity Blissful Living, you will come across an eclectic and effervescent collection, and get yourself a marvelous mirror – to accentuate your style, look and personality. Serenity designers have used varying textures and forms while crafting them. Each of them is part of a special collection of varying shapes, exquisite paintings, motifs and meticulously detailed work.

According to, the owner of Serenity, Amrit Borkakoty, their mesmerizing mirror collection has been launched to coincide with this Women’s Day so as to reflect a woman’s try beauty as she eagerly steps out on this very special day. Some even harbor timepieces on them. Many are hand painted, whereas few others have artistically engraved wood carvings on them.

Serenity Blissful Living store, launched in 2010, has an offer an eclectic and effervescent collection of furniture’s/accessories for both home and office décor. Located in the happening hub of Mumbai’s suburban Bandra are, it represents a tranquil albeit vivacious style of living.

The avenue stocks a wide variety of furniture items, comprising exceptional book shelves, vintage cabinets and wine racks, as well as products for accessorizing your home such as cushion covers, bowls, trays, coasters, candle holders and bags. The collection is comprised of tasteful pieces the owner hand-picks personally from different corners of the country including New Delhi, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat etc. Attractively priced, this captivating collection is perfect for décor and also apt for gifting especially to suit the tastes of art aficionados.

Serenity has a vast collection suitable for newly married couples, interior designers, architects, restaurant owners, and all those who want to add a new touch to their home or office. There’s something to meet each individual’s preference and needs.

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