A personal coffee harvest as a gift to clients – how does that sound?

My Coffee Farm based in Seattle, WA has come up with a unique corporate gifting proposition that gives professionals as well as business owners an excellent opportunity to deepen their bond with clients by opting to share personal harvest with the latter. The idea is to show your sense of larger social responsibility that will come with the gift. This is a uniquely personal gesture that is bound to intensely resonant with your important clients, claims the company.

How the personalized program works

My Coffee Farm collectively represents you, and other coffee lovers like you, in the purchase of trees and their coffee bean production. Your trees are maintained throughout the years you own their harvesting rights.

This includes year-around care, harvesting, milling, sun drying and roasting to your order. Your fresh roasted beans are immediately shipped to My Coffee Farm at its Seattle, WA location and re-distributed to you in sealed packages to maintain their freshness and great taste.

Benefits of coffee harvest ownership

According to My Coffee Farm, there are several, tangible and intangible benefits of coffee harvest ownership such as meaningful impact on the community; a harvest that can be shared with friends and family; relationship building through gifts to clients and business associates of a personal harvest in personalized packaging; and price competitive to buying beans the traditional way.

Gift-giving options

One-time gifts—Buy the coffee harvest in your name and keep a supply of your personalized one-pound bags to give as one-time gifts around the holiday, as a thank-you after a big order, to celebrate a client’s birthday, or simply as a way to show your appreciation.

Year-around gifts—Buy the coffee harvest in your name (or your client’s name) and have the harvest sent directly to your client. If you buy the harvest in your name, the coffee will be sent with your personalized label. If you want to buy the harvest in your client’s name, the personalized label will be under the name of the farm you choose for that client, followed by ‘A gift from (name of your brand).’

Since the gift comes with your name, it will serve as an ideal way of keeping you and your brand top of mind with your important clients.

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