A never seen before Soap Opera

Soap Opera does not merely manufacture ubiquitous soaps; they are handcrafted, containing Pure Glycerin that will make your skin Supple and Smooth. The fragrances in them are very much exclusive, sourced from Grasse, France. And what’s more, their soaps come in distinctive shapes and vibrant colors. There are no toxic ingredients in them that will make these soaps unsafe to use even for your children.

Its creator Archana Mariwala says: “Each soap is my treasured recipe. I personally select the fragrance, colour, shape of each handcrafted soap and use the purest of natural ingredients. You are sure to find something specially moulded for you. Escape into a world that reveals in the uniqueness of Soap Opera. They come in never-seen, innovative shapes, sizes and captivating colours and in the following varieties:

• Handcrafted Soaps: A wide range of soaps in unique designs crafted especially to suit your taste.

• Pure Glycerin Soaps: Glycerin pumps up your skin with moisturizer making it supple and smooth. Level of moisture in Soap Opera soaps is unparalleled when compared to other toilet soaps

• No toxic Ingredients Present : Ordinary soaps include lather, pigments or dyes which make your skin dry. Thus their absence results into skin being supple and smooth.

•Vibrant and Bright Colors: Why should bathing be boring? Plunge into our colorful range of soaps to give your mornings a kick start.

•Exclusive fragrances from France: Imagine a range of soaps with fragrances that suit your persona and attitude.

Designer Soap

• Soaps for Kids: Let your kids have a fun and frolic morning with fruity fragrances like Melon, Mango and Cola

• Soaps for Men : All male, seductive fragrances.

• Soaps for Women: Step into your bath and let the floral notes gently coax your senses. Unisex Soaps: Your mornings will never be the same again.

Glycerin based Spice soaps

• Clove: Aromatic Glycerin bar infused with CLOVE and clove oil/

• Pepper: enriched glycerin bar which detoxifies & rejuvenates, aided by essential oil of pepper.

You can greatly spice up the bathroom with an exquisite range of fabulously smelling soaps made from olive oil as well as with essential oils.

Soap Opera

2nd floor, Rangsharda, Krishnachandra Marg,
Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai-400050
Tel. :+919930842861
Email : soapoperanmore@gmail.com
Facebook Link:http://www.facebook.com/soapoperanmore

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