A gift to ensure good health

Keeping the needs of the monsoon season in mind, you can consider gifting a water purifier to your friends, colleagues or business associates as part of your relationship building exercise. There is no dearth of options. There’s Hindustan Unilever Pureit that includes a wide range of water purifier variety that can give pure, clean drinking water as safe as boiled water, whereas direct selling venture Tupperware has launched a new water purifier line, TupperSure Water.

TupperSure Water

Explaining the idea behind its TupperSure Water, Tupperware states in a press release: “With the eves r-increasing water concerns, such as shortage of supply, contamination and spread of water-borne diseases, there is a need for a one-stop solution to filter and store water. Adding to Tupperware’s superior quality water range, the new offering is a perfect answer to the need of hygienic and clean drinking water.”

According to the company MD, Asha Gupta Tupperware, TupperSure is first-in-its-class non-electric water filter that will be a valuable investment for all households, offices, schools, hospitals, seeking clean and healthy drinking water. Given the conditions, wherein continuous electricity & running water supply is always a concern, this new product will be a great asset to possess.”

This new launch adds up to Tupperware’s water range that includes Aquasafe bottles, tumblers, Ezy Cool jugs, and water dispensers. Priced at Rs. 3,200, it will be competing with some well-entrenched players such as Kent RO, Aquaguard and Pureit water purifier.

Hindustan Unilever Pureit

Pureit water purifiers work with ‘Germkill’ technology’ with 4 stage purification that results in safe water free from any harmful germs. The top chamber of Pureit Classic water purifier and Pureit Autofill water purifier has a capacity of 9 liters whereas the top chamber capacity of Pureit Compact water purifier is 5 litres, and the transparent chamber of Pureit Classic water purifier and Pureit Autofill water purifier has a capacity of 9 litres whereas the transparent chamber of Pureit Compact has a capacity of 5 litres. This has been designed such that for a typical family, the water has to be filled in the top chamber only once a day.

Every time you fill the top chamber of a Pureit water purifier with water, all of it will get purified, and will collect in the transparent chamber within a few hours. So you can keep filling the top chamber as often as you need. However, you must ensure that there is one inch of empty space left in the transparent chamber, and that you don’t then pour any more water into the top chamber. You may repeat as many cycles a day as you require.

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