A gift for enhancing safety

We shall inform you about a range of personal alert and safety equipment that make a valuable gift simply because safety and well-being of those dear to you is always on top of your mind. Here, we recommend to you precious personal alert and safety equipment that make a valuable gift:

Personal Safety Alarm
It adds to personal safety. This is a foolproof, carry-along security gadget. To be worn around the neck while shopping, walking, jogging alone at deserted or unfamiliar locations, it secures against purse/chain snatchers. It is ideal for college-going girls, office-going females and senior citizens. Just give the rip-cord a bit of sharp tug to activate the alarm. Insert the pin, back into the socket, to deactivate.
Price (approximate) Rs 545

Personal Anti-Loss Alarm for Kids
Alarm gets activated if the child moves beyond the safe or specified distance. Distance range up to 25 m can be adjusted. It is ideal for parents and guardians. The alarm has a transmitter and a receiver. When the distance between the receiver and the transmitter exceeds the pre-defined range, the alarm goes off – 3 beeps in quick succession.
Price (approximate) Rs 695 

Personal Protection Alarm
It comes with door protector, strobe light. If a user feels threatened or needs help, he or she can simply pull the pin. The additional cord (with Door Contact Clip) is for frequently travelers, staying in hotels. The clip will act as a stand-alone door sensor.
Price (approximate) Rs 795

Personal Anti-Sleep Alert
It is designed to alert a driver and is worn behind the person’s ear, avoiding the possibility of an accident. Place it behind the ear for alert in case your head droops.
Price (approximate) Rs 125

You can also gift Personal Security Alarm and other carry-Along Portable Security products from Zicom that are reasonably priced.

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