A fascinating gift with a feminine touch

Sunflowers, lilies, orchids, roses etc, they all seem be in full bloom on the streets of Mumbai. Well, we are referring to some trendy hair accessories that have given way to new ‘flower girls’ in 2012. You may be wondering what this piece of information has got to do with gifting…Read on!!!

The point this writer is trying to make that you cannot ignore the current trends and the in-things while deciding what to gift and in which form? Now a drop of hint here: As far as hair accessories are concerned, the ravishing retro look has found another expression in them as well. You might have noticed this if take a casual stroll down the city’s main fashion alleys.

You will get to see an array of fascinating floral hair clips, hair clutches and head bands – in feather, cotton, silk, or chiffon.  The fabulous floral hair accessories – large and small, minimalist or otherwise – are clearly the fashion du jour. Most experts and ardent fashion trend watchers reveal that a maxi dress coupled with a floral hair clip can make a perfect pair.

Tie-up head bands mixed with floral accessories is also a unique fashion statement. Floral pins can well be teamed up with an outfit as a befitting brooch or they can form part of your sizzling shoes, lending a feminine touch to the overall appearance. What adds to their popularity is the wide range of captivating colors in which they are available.

You may consider hair accessories like floral head bands of all kinds to suit your woman’s look and outfit, which jell with her personality. This, I am sure, will sure warm her heart. It makes her realize that you are taking efforts to make her feel special. If one of your friends or relatives is visiting a foreign country, you can ask them to get such accessories as a memento that you may opt to gift later.

Fashion is a way of expressing your attitude. And gifting some amazing accessories on an occasion or just casually is always a nice gesture.

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