A corporate gift program built around social responsibility

Realizing that the overall environment is not very conducive owing to economic uncertainty and tight budgets, astute owners realize that they need to apply a touch of innovation and imagination to survive. The same applies to those operating in the domain of corporate gifting. A company in the West has added curious social spin to the whole business model.

My Coffee Farm from Seattle, WA has just introduced a corporate gift program for small businesses and professionals who can now give their key customers personally branded items well with positive social impact. Now what does that mean? Here is what the company has to say in an official press release:

My Coffee Farm looks to bring a unique coffee experience via personal coffee harvest ownership, even while leaving behind a positively impact on the lives of workers and also the community attached with their harvest. Doesn’t that sound something interesting, if not totally convincing?

This program has been broadened so as to let small businesses and professionals own their own coffee harvest and then distribute their harvest in one-pound bags that are privately branded to gift to important business relationships and customers. The former, according to the company can make a much more impactful and powerful branding statement through a personal and memorable gift that will reflect their commitment toward social responsibility. My Coffee Farm emphasizes that there are many elements which make the entire branding exercise as part of their gift-giving program powerful.

  1. It’s a gift of personal nature—it’s your harvest and the gift comes from the heart. It’s not a ‘once & done’ gift – a coffee harvest keeps your business name in front of clients and prospects each day they make the morning coffee.
  2. The coffee tastes great and the enjoyment your recipients receive will create positive associations for your business.
  3. Your clients and prospects will appreciate the social value that comes with the gift and will reflect well on you and your business.

According to its founder, Peter Mastrantuono, the gifts that you give your customers must be better or something more than a mere personalized catalog item. They ought to make a more positive, larger statement about who you’re and the kind of values that you keep.

Gifting players operating in the B2B space back home can clearly take a cue from their western counterpart to infuse a touch of novelty to their products.

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