Are you about to shop for gold either for personal consumption or for gifting purpose? Here is a quick guide while purchasing the precious metal for a festive occasion like Gudi Padwa.

By gifting a coin, you’re giving someone a quality symbol of intrinsic worth in terms of investment and sentiments. Upon getting a gold coin from you, the person will become interested in acquiring more of them, which is an excellent proposition from the point of view of their portfolio. Your gift can well provide an initiation and act as the perfect starting point, triggering the person’s passion for gold.

With the important festivals just round the corner, all of us are sure to going to buy a piece of this precious metal- be it jewelry or coins. It is important to get your money’s worth. We Many times don’t realize that we’ve got a poor deal until we go for re-sale or re-assessment. You’ve to be extra careful while buying something for gifting purpose since it’s a matter of credibility and reputation. This is where a trusted brand like Gitanjali comes into play.

Here are some generic tips before you go ahead and buy the precious metal:

Every piece of gold that you buy should ideally have a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmark or it should be branded. The value of a piece you acquire is determined on basis of the certification that it carries. The Government of Indian identifies BIS as the only agency to certify gold. Make sure the gold you are buying does carry the BIS hallmark.

Check the purity of jewelry and coins you buy. Gold is classified into parts so as to decide its purity level. Jewelry of 24-carat gold is absolutely pure. Pure gold is highly malleable. The Second one is 22k gold. It consists of 22 parts gold plus 2 remaining parts of additional metals. Then there’s 18k gold. The price is determined on basis of the purity.

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