More gift ideas for the festival of Rakhi

There are several options for Raksha Bandhan gifts to make your celebrations a truly memorable one, with a plenty of gifts to choose from for every budget. Sisters also want to gift their beloved brother something nice as a gesture of love and affection something special besides the thread that signifies their bonding.

An informative article in The New Indian Express lists some handy ideas to make the occasion remain etched in your memory:

    Shine it up with silver

What can be more beautiful than a shimmer of silver to grace her place. It makes sense because silver shines anywhere—whatever the decor and design. Besides, there is something to suit every pocket. You can go utilitarian with a simple salt-n-pepper set, spiritual with a Saptrishi Ganesha and Gayatri bell, or choose something that will find pride of place in her living room. Episode carries a stunning range of silver products: candle stands, photo frames, bowls, trays, bar accessories, boxes, vases and so much more.

Homely ethnic accents

There’s something soothing and pleasing about the sight of a handcrafted piece of decor. It could be a lampshade, a mug with Madhubani painting, an earthy table mat or rug… Cushions are especially cool; most women love them! They are versatile, useful, and of course, beautiful. Before buying a pair or three, simply keep in mind the decor style of your sister’s home.

To take your pick from an impressive array of ideas, check out Mother Earth products, which are widely available. In the bargain, you can rightly feel happy that you have done something to support rural artisans, because they are the ones who create everything you see at Mother Earth.


    Furniture, forever

Has your lovable sibling been lusting after an ottoman? Does someone in her home love books and would be thrilled to have a rocking chair? A beautiful piece of furniture is something that can add magic to a home, but make sure you pick something that they really need and will like—nothing is more embarrassing or difficult than to be saddled with a heavy item that is more an eyesore than a treasure.

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