Innovation in Corporate Gifting

Here is your guide to most innovative corporate gifts of 2019 and why you need to know them.

Every company wants to give the best suitable present to their clients and employees that will strengthen the relation and convey the brand image. Other than these two primary functions, the gift needs to be such that it creates a positive impression on the receiver. This is why, choosing innovative gifts is very important.

What are innovative gifts?

With a lot of millennials entering the market with start-ups, there is a need of new age corporate gifts. These could be anything from tech gadgets to gadget accessories and gift vouchers. New age has new needs and demands which makes the older ones go out of fashion. This is why one must be aware of the innovative corporate gifting options.

Giftex being the pioneer in Indian corporate gifting industry, it introduces new trends every year. Here is a list of top innovative gifts of 2019. 

Gift voucher: What better gift it could be than letting the receiver choose their own gift. A gift voucher does exactly same whilst conveying the brand message.

Tech accessories: Technology is the need of the hour and to make your gift stay with the receiver for a longer time it is necessary to be relevant. Accessories for computers and mobiles like headphones, wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, fitness band and other such gadgets are getting popular in all age groups.

Travel accessories: With the growing nature of globalization travel accessories like trolley bags, duffle bags and back packs are becoming popular gifting items due to its highly utilitarian nature.     

Bath and beauty products: What better gift it could be other than self-grooming products? Also, it shows you care about your female clients and employees and thus creates a good brand image. Luxury bath and body product hampers are popular in both male as well as female clients on higher corporate level.   

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Key Takeaways from Indian Corporate Gifting Industry Survey

Here are some key takeaways from the Indian Corporate Gifting Industry survey by Giftex.

Indian corporate gifting industry is a fast-pace growing industry. Giftex being a pioneer in this industry for past three decades decided to carry out an extensive market survey. This survey concentrated on various aspects of Indian corporate gifting industry that will help the exhibitors to know the changing client preferences and also, will help buyers to plan their gifting effectively. This year Giftex joined hands with ResearchNxt team to carry the market research. Here are some key takeaways from the survey:

  • 67% of respondents have a well-defines budget for corporate gifting  
  • 37% of respondents spend an average of INR 500-1000 per unit on Corporate Gifts
  • #1 Pharmacy Sector is the top buyer of Corporate Gifts followed by Banking Finance and Insurance sector, Travel and Hospitality sector & IT Sectors
  • 73%of respondents consider innovation & packaging very important while buying Corporate Gifts
  • 68% of sellers list their products on online portals like Amazon and Flipkart, while only 29% of buyers are buying from online venues.
  • 64% of respondents consider quality of participants as the most important factor while considering a Gifting Exhibition

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Why visit gifting exhibition?

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5 Reasons To Visit Giftex 2019

Here are top 5 reasons why you should Giftex.

Looking for the best corporate gift that can convey your company image and also fit in your budget? Visit Giftex is India’s premier corporate gifting exhibition. With over 50,000 products, over 150 brands and visitors coming from the various MNC’s and SME’s, Giftex is a major attraction in the field of corporate gifting. In such a case, you are obvious to think of ways to make your visit smooth at Giftex. You can now skip the long queues and opt for a smarter way and get pre-registered.

Here are top five reasons to visit Giftex 2019 :

1.    Trusted brand for the past three decades – Giftex is the most trusted show when it comes to corporate gifting for the past three decades. It has been in the corporate gifting industry since its inception in the Indian market. It has been a torchbearer in introducing new trends and technologies and ensuring steady growth of the Indian corporate gifting industry. Here, you will find quality products and brands with distinctive concepts. 

2.    Carefully curated – Giftex being a pioneer in the gifting industry for the past three decades has been keen on bringing up new and innovative products each year. Every year our team strives hard to bring brands and products that are relative to the market needs and trends.

3.    Customization is the future of marketing – Meeting your manufacturers and distributors directly can help you have an in-depth and transparent conversation and thus will help you get the best-customized product. Also, it improves the scope of customization through a better understanding of the product and techniques.

4.    Over 50,000 products under one roof – Having more than 50,000 products to choose from you get to observe the various varieties available in the market. Moreover, with the latest product launches at the exhibition, you can stay updated to the latest products and technologies in the corporate gifting market.

5.    Ensures convenient and efficient visit – The curated exhibition sections for categories like food, gadgets, home appliances, etc. it offers a wide variety to choose from whilst ensuring an optimal flow of the visitor’s experience. The separate orbits make it easy for visitors to observe and choose the best complementing product.

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