Bath Line Products as Corporate Gifts

Here are a few reasons why bath products should be your corporate gifts.

Want to make an impact? How about promoting your company with something more personal? May be a promotional product with a softer touch? Bath accessories with custom imprinted logo can make a great promo product. Bath line has various options from towels sets to bathrobes and Bathroom door mats to Turkish flip flops. Stepping into the corporate gifting industry, bath line is no more limited to just a utilitarian product but comes in attractive packaging that makes it a perfect corporate gifting option.

If you are thinking, bath line won’t provide you much options for different categories you are wrong. It has different product lines for women as well as for men. For special occasions, it also has bath line for babies and children with adorable hooded towels and napkins. And wedding bath sets to be given as wedding gifts. To encourage employees or pamper a gym enthusiast client, gym towels will make a great gift.

The best thing about bath lines is that, it has an array of options in patterns, colors and fabrics. From luxurious whites linen towels to the classic Turkish towels, bath line has options for all budgets. The rainleaf microfiber towel dries up in no time and is made to fit the avid traveler’s kit. Coming to the packaging part, bath lines provide ease to customize branding as well as gives a scope to package them in different creative ways and shapes.

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The Benefits of Promotional Items

Here is a guide to make the most out of promo product’s advantages.

To make a company grow and compete, marketing strategies need to be very effective and at the same time fit in the budget. Corporate gifts come into the picture for the same reason.    

The traditional marketing methods are fading away as the new ones are stepping in. Also, a study shows that millennials go for the new marketing methods over the older ones. Corporate gifts that send the message of gratitude towards clients/employees and at the same time do the branding. Promotional products fitting the requirement rightly make an ideal corporate gift. It is observed that 8 out of 10 do keep promotional merchandise for over a year, and about 88% also have a more favorable impression of the brand as a result. 

Here are some advantages of using promo products and how they can help make your brand memorable and trustworthy.

Who Uses Promotional Items?

If you look close around you, you’ll find that 8 out of 10 people use promo products on everyday basis. Be it MNCs or small business or even startups, every business uses promo items to get the benefits of its branding ease. Here are the top industries where promotional materials do wonders:

  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Trade Show Marketers
  • Healthcare     
  • Non-profit Organizations

Why Use Promotional Products?

Send out a single promo product or make it a part of a complex marketing strategy, the effect is guaranteed.

Promo products increase the brand visibility and thus improve the outcome of marketing. A study says that adding promotional items to other marketing mix can increase the effectiveness of the campaign by 44%. 
it is not just about wanting to receive free items. The same study concludes that despite people being bombarded with advertising messages, promotional products are effective in delivering their message accurately whilst being utilitarian. 

A specific survey has shown that over 76% of the survey respondents remember the promo products they received over the past two years and the branding. This shows that the pro products have a long lasting effect on receivers and that too in same or lesser price as required for traditional marketing.

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SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

Food Products, an ideal gift for corporate events

Get the attention you deserve with logo ready candy, mints and promotional chocolates.

Feeling hungry looking at these beautiful delicacies? Make your clients feel the same. Food items make a delicious promotional product to give out as corporate gift. Spruce up your corporate gift with promotional food products. There is an array of food products that are ready to don your logo. Be it a custom chocolate bar with your logo debossed into the chocolate or candy and mint giveaways, there is no doubt that food products make a great promo product.

Snack promotional items make a good welcome break. You can choose from a wide variety of candy, nuts, mints, chocolates, fortune cookies and popcorn at India’s premier corporate gifting show, Giftex.  Holidays, Diwali, New Year, be it any occasion promo food products are everyone’s favorite. Think Chocolates with your logo imprinted, packaged in attractive of containers. Isn’t it something hard to forget? Giftex has variety of options ready to carry your company logo and message. 

Be it a holiday celebration; or the Diwali party; the honoring of employee of the year; or that the trade show – Light up your upcoming event with a tasteful gift! Not to forget the attractive packaging containers can be kept and used over and over and this way your logo will stay with them. Giftex being in industry for past 31 years has a unique selection brands offering delightful snacks, confectioneries, mithais, chocolates, cakes and more for the perfect refreshing surprise. Visit Giftex to get the ideal creative promotional item to be given out as corporate gift.

SAVE THE DATES : 2nd to 5th August 2019| Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai

Affordable Corporate Gifts

Learn about the top-selling affordable corporate gifts.

Every business has one asset, which makes it reach where it is. And that asset is its people. To maintain a good rapport with your clients and employees is very important as that decided the smooth running of your business. Gifts and gratifications are always welcomes be it an achievement or start of a new journey. Strengthening the client-business relation is like investing in social capital. Showing gratitude by gifting something unique and personalized is a great way to make an impression. Also, it is quintessential in today’s competitive environment to motivate your employees with rewards and gifts. 

Although, not everyone has a huge budget to splurge on personalized luxurious gifts. While on the other hand there are high chances of you spending on a gift that won’t appeal to the client and therefore the connection is lost. To avoid splurging on irrelevant gifts, it is advised to rather invest in basic products as your corporate gifts that will save both your money as well as the association.   

Here are a few top selling basic corporate gifts that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

1.)    Desktop accessories :

Desktop accessories like pen holders, mouse pads, photo frames, table clocks etc these tabletop accessories will always remind them of you and your brand. 

2.)    Silverware:

What more classic and regal can it be to impress your clients other than silverware products? Be it silver coins, jars, a tea set or god idols, silverware has an option for each budget and requirement.  

3.)    Awards and achievements:

Trophies and medals have been the all-time solution to celebrate employee’s success and motivate them for better performance. 

4.)    Stationery:

“I have enough of stationeries,” said nobody ever. Office stationeries have been an important part of corporate gifting from the very beginning and still haven’t lost its relevance. 

5.)    Passport cover:

Passport covers make a very thoughtful corporate gift as it fits in the basic need of holding a passport.  Passport covers are travel must-have and  

6.)    Insulated lunch boxes :

Gifts are also a great way to show that a company cares about its employees. Giving out utilitarian gifts like lunchbox will strengthen the company – employee bond. Along with a sophisticated insulated carrier to carry lunch, this gift will also motivate a healthy habit of bringing homemade food.    

7.)     Mobile and computer accessories:

Mobile, tabs, computer and laptops are crucial gadgets today and accessories that help to maintain and enhance these gadgets makes an excellent gift. For example, a keyboard cleaning brush kit will help employees keep the keyboards in better condition that too without taking any efforts.  

8.)    Alluring socks/ties :

Who else would know the daily struggle of being formals ready other than the company? Socks and ties form an important part of the formal attire and gifting a bunch of attractive comfortable pair of socks or tie can make a nice gift.   

9.)    Coffee Mugs:

What good gift can it make for a coffee lover than a coffee mug? A coffee mug with a motivation quote, unbreakable material and attractive design will enhance their experience and also will help your brand stay on top of their head. 

10.)    Business card holder:

Best corporate gifts are those which enhances professional life. Gifting a stylish and sleek business card holder makes a great gift no matter on which position your receiver is working.

Hope this article helped you understand and plan your presentation of corporate gifts better. Find all of the above and more such corporate gifting solutions at India’s premier corporate gifting show Giftex 2019.