Gift of Taste

5 reasons why to make food your corporate gifts.

The tradition of gifting people to strengthen the bond between the two parties is far ancient. For a long time food has been a common gifting item. Be it gifting traditional meethais or dry fruits, food has always been the major part of gifting tradition. Although, with time it surely evolved and the categories like cookies, confectioneries, chocolates, health bars and more made its way in gifting culture. Special gifting ideas like food hampers too are added and appreciated in the gifting tradition. The ease and variations in presentation, customization and flavors add to the qualities of food items being apt as corporate gifts. Here are five reasons why to choose food items as a corporate gift.

Luxurious appeal: Gifting a client is quite literally a task as to fit the receiver’s class and choice. The gift has to match the receiver’s expectations and lend an experience to be remembered. Food, in this case, plays a pivotal role. Gift a handmade collection of chocolates or a pack of freshly brewed coffee beans, it is sure to lend a luxurious appeal.

Budget-friendly: A food product is not only a treat for the receiver but is also quite pocket-friendly. There is a wide array of food products based on its category and exclusivity. One can find food products ranging from the most luxurious range to the pocket-friendly ones. So no matter what your budget is you will always find a worthy food product to make your corporate gift. If you are a startup, choosing a luxury watch or gadget might burn a hole in your pocket. But at the same time, you can easily find a box of selective delectable to woe your clients and employees.

Personal touch: Let’s admit all of us love the customization and efforts put in making a personalized gift. Having a corporate gift with your company’s logo on it not only makes a strong impact on your clients at the receiving end but also boosts unity among your employees. Food products are best known for its ability to adopt the customization. Be it a chocolate sporting your company logo on it or a cookie moulded in the shape of your product, food products are the best way to add the personal touch to your corporate gift. In case of food gift hampers a small note carrying a personalized message can too help connect to your client or employees at the receiving end.

Sharing happiness: We understand that while selecting a gift your first preference is to think about your client on the receiving end. Although, when the gift is something that the receiver can share with his friends and family, it adds to the emotional value of the gift. Such gifts are appreciated by both the receiver as well as his family. Food products and food hampers perfectly fit in this category

Go for the unexpected: Who doesn’t like surprises? Try incorporating a little bit of surprise in the box. Give your gift a touch of personalization and make it unexpected to the receiver. Talking about festivals, there is not much space to create a niche. In that case, gifting prior or post the festival can be a nice surprise. Food being enjoyed and appreciated around the year makes it a perfect gift to give offseason.

All you need to do is find the interest of your peer and select a food item to pamper them. From traditional meethais to international delectable find everything under one roof at Giftex 2018, India’s premier corporate gifting exhibition taking place from 2nd to 5th August’18 at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.


6 Innovative Techy Corporate Gifts

There was a time when technology and electric gadgets were a part of luxury and were available to a specific class. But now times have changed, technology now forms an important part of all of our daily routines. Whether you are working at an MNC or startup, the reliance on electronic gadgets from planning meetings to performing the complicated programs is inevitable. Also, no matter how many gadgets does one possess, it is always good to have the upgraded version of the device.

When it comes to gifting your corporate clients and employees, there is always a question of what gift should be chosen. While choosing a gift often there is a question of choosing a product that is liked by the receiver and also is utilitarian at the same time. Electronic gadgets can surely be counted in sought-after gifts. Not necessarily all the latest gadgets burn a hole in your pocket. There are gadgets available which are highly utilitarian yet pocket friendly.

Technology is evolving at a supersonic speed making a remarkable impact on our day-to-day lives. It is observed that festive time of the year is the time when we most search about gadgets. Often there is a question of what is to be added to the tech collection and what has to remove off from the shelf. This makes a perfect reason to gift someone a gadget that is utilitarian and stays on mind of the receiver for a long time.

Here are six innovative gadgets that can be gifted to your clients or employees as corporate gifts.

  1. Morning Manager

It is said that a gift should be something that promotes a positive habit and should be utilitarian to person at receiving end. A high-tech alarm clock is a perfect example of such a gift. With the features like sunrise-stimulating light, alarm sound increasing gradually and Bluetooth speaker make it a must have. It is a perfect communion of traditional alarm machine and modern technology. With such perfection, it is sure to make your each morning start with utmost perfection.

  1. Foldable Keyboard

In the world of fast-pace lifestyle where every gadget is made to provide the ease of mobility, a gadget complementing same can prove to be a great gift. Pertaining to the increasing use of tabs and mobile the introduction of foldable keyboard remarks an important innovation. It can be recharged easily and is compatible with many devices.

  1. Mobile Photo Printer

The whole of the current generation is addicted to taking selfies and capturing pictures of the surrounding in their smart phones. Smart phone companies are introducing maximum zooming and high quality cameras in phones to capture better and clearer picture. The introduction of portable photo printer that can be connected to the smart phone makes an excellent gift.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you are travelling on bike or by local transport, a wireless Bluetooth speaker is a must-have when it comes to the use of mobile while travelling. The long hours training on trade-mill sounds impossible without having to listen to a good playlist. A Bluetooth speaker can solve this purpose with utmost ease letting you listen to your personal favourite playlist.

  1. Zero Gravity Phone Case

Imagine using your phone with ease without having to hold it. Be it a mirror or the wall in your room, a zero gravity phone case can be stuck across any surface letting you use your cell phone effortlessly. Take better selfies from a desired angle and shower while playing your personal playlist. A zero gravity phone cover makes a perfect gift being a mix of latest innovation and high utility.

  1. Instant Polaroid Camera

The selfie game is on high these days. Although, despite having various social media services to post your pictures there is something that they fail to suffice. And that is a tangible mark of your memories. An instant Polaroid camera not only creates an alluring picture print of your memory but also let’s you hang it on your little corner of the room. Create picture collage or pin a photo on your desk board, the instant Polaroid camera is surely a gift to treasure.


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