Corporate houses turn to incentive programs

A new report underlines how companies are using corporate incentive strategies to motivate people and retain talent so to retain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Such incentive programs were considered a discretionary spend in the past for many corporate entities, particularly owing to adverse economic scenario and budget constraints. However, the situation is changing as more companies are using them to draw new talent and hold on to the existing one. Read More

Gifts help build lasting corporate relations

Corporate gifting is very important to maintain good relations with your key clients. If you do come up with an idea of a novel gift for them, it will do the trick for you. Conversely, if you give a gift that really looks silly or makes them feel awkward, you may even stand to lose the deal. All of a sudden you find yourself in an unsavory situation. So you need to be careful and judicious. Of course, with a good selection, gifts can help to build lasting corporate relations. Read More