Mobile devices propel domain of gifting

On the eve of this Mother’s Day, a cloud-based new enterprise solution provider for both B2C and B2B gift cards was busy powering the merchant gift card programs, to give many last minute shoppers and those who could not be with their Moms on this very special day with personalized gifts. This symbolizes the infusion of technology, especially the mobile devices in the domain of gifting. Read More

Will the price of yellow metal fall or hold?

Gold and silver sells the most across the country on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras. Should you be buying it on May 13, when Akshaya Tritiya falls this year? We’ve tried to sift through the opinions and views of different experts to find out the answer so that you can make your decision, though it remains mostly a sentimental one for many of us than a financial one. Yet, logic than mere emotions should also be considered, we feel, hence this exercise: Read More

Recognize employees’ efforts with gift certificates

A successful organization thrives on high-performance, dynamic culture. The key is to build a base of people, at all levels that will critically scrutinize their own practices and voluntarily ask themselves if they are doing all they can to their full potential. The mindset needs to be changed, though! But how to make this happen, you must be wondering! This is where gift certificates come into play. Read More