Wonderful woodwork, wall hangings, toys and dolls

Wonderful wall hangings from Gujarat bring a whole new dimension so as to enhance the luster and look of your home, Although handicraft from Himanchal had not always enjoyed a wide patronage earlier, sustained marketing and continuous up-gradation added with zest and innovation applied by its makers have led to its increased popularity. Continue reading

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Market research vital to success in today’s competitive corporate gifting market

Tcho chocolates, comprising organic ingredients and made of ‘fair trade’ quality cacao beans from Peru, Ghana and Ecuador, are making headway into Indian taste buds. The luxury chocolate maker from San Francisco is keen to penetrate the vast Indian market, with a plan to sell there in the next few years.

Its luscious chocolates with flagship dark feel and flavor, laced with nuts can be popular in India, the company feels. Its president Jane Metcalfe argues that people in the country have a culture of consuming sweets; it’s a big aspect of the food for them so India is certainly an excellent opportunity though it remains not only a big but also very complicated market.

They are banking on the fact that Indians will move away from costlier albeit more traditional sweets to chocolates during big social and personal celebrations like Holi (the spring harvest season) and Diwali (start of the Hindu New Year) as well as weddings anniversary and birthday celebrations. The country’s premium market is going to be huge in a decade from now, the chocolate makers believe though for now they just want to position themselves there, get prospective consumers to know more about their products and strike a chord with them.

There’s clearly a lesson to be learnt here. Market research, studying customer behavior, localization and customization are absolutely vital to sustain and expand a product-service in today’s challenging times. By tuning their offerings to Indian taste buds, the US chocolate companies are trying to open themselves up to the country’s potentially limitless customer base.

In today’s competitive and fast-evolving market conditions as well as technological advances, corporate gift providers must remain tuned to the trends and mindset of the target audience so that they are able to align their product/service portfolio to the current trends. It is no more possible to work in isolation and expect customers to accept what you are offering. Executives clearly are looking for more dynamic and innovative options to promote their personal and business image, something that the corporate gift manufacturers need to imbibe in their overall work culture.

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Rechargeable battery banks for your mobile devices

You will consider yourself lucky to draw more than a day’s usage out of your smartphone. Its processors and screens eat power, so even if you take enough precaution, they will go off faster than you think. A good idea is to consider a pre-charged battery booster, which will ensure that you’re never without battery while on the go!  Now you will always have loads of power when you indeed need it the most. Read More

Works by talented artists for premium gifting or collecting – II

Art is now viewed not only as an object of pleasure but also as an attractive asset to hold. Especially, Indian art is emerging as a safe investment option, making it a valuable gift from long-term perspective. What better way of making your friends or family drawing to value investing in art than gifting them a piece of art? What thousand words can’t do, a piece of art will! Read More

Revive feel-good factor and hope with ‘self-help’ books

The lingering economic recession and prolonged slump globally has left quite a many qualified professionals struggling, sowing seeds of doubts and insecurity about their careers. Why not consider giving one of your close business friends or associates a worthy self-improvement book or innovation & change management guide that will make apt gifts in the current challenging market and job conditions. You only need to glance at the new releases to see that the right choice is made.

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