Gift giving thrived on the holiday season eve

It’s indeed that crucial time period of year when catchy gift catalogs invariably circle the office, e-cards begin to fill in-boxes, and attention-grabbing handwritten notes are fast stamped and sent out. It’s the time to wish the people and thank your clients, in particular, for their contribution and cooperation in the year gone by, helping you make it a success. Has there been any noticeable change in the pattern in 2012? Read More

Etiquettes of gifting in the UK

If invited by a British guest, you may follow the standard practice of carrying flowers, wine, and/or good chocolates for the host. Don’t get offended in case the host just adds the wine to his cellar; the idea is not to suggest that your gift is not appreciated but just that the person has no inclination to guzzle it during that meal. Champagne is always welcome. Read More

Despite recession worries, corporate gifts given in a flurry

Christmas and New Year corporate gifts are given for a several number of reasons and excuses. Businesses benefit a great deal from giving their staff occasion-based gifts as a way of enhancing motivation and maintaining high morale. An employee who gets rewarded for his or her efforts will strive to perform better and work harder for the employer keen to suggest that the latter is aware of their contribution and is thankful for the efforts they have put in. Read More

Do diaries still make a good New Year gift?

Those lovable ‘Dear diary’ memories may perhaps be fast waning. Still, diary sales witness a revival every now & then, especially on the New Year eve. 2013 has been no different. The beginning of every year is quite crucial for the fraternity of diary dealers as well as stationers. How are they responding to the techno-age? An interesting news report in The Hindu by Sunitha Sekar has compiled reactions of both the industry people and the buyers to make following observations: Read More

Adorable and affable gift ideas

Each one of us likes to be given attention and treated with care. Gifts can make someone feel extra special and happy beyond pampering the person’s ego. For those who matter to you, either in the personal or professional sphere, you can opt to gift something nice, if not unique – say a bouquet of beautiful, colorful and fresh flowers in gorgeous shades and sizes. You can mix and match. Read More