Books for diet and health freaks to gift

‘Hell-Bent’ by Benjamin Lorr explores a fascinating, often surreal world at the extremes of American yoga. A book that provide Dr. James B. Johnson’s legion of followers—plus those new to the diet— with all the guidance and recipes they will need to make will make for another interesting gift. For health freaks, a book by Robert H. Lustig documents the science and the politics that has led to the pandemic of obesity over the last three decades: Continue reading

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Cultivate team spirit durning the Sankranti festival

Now perhaps more than ever in the past, modern companies are keen to build team spirit and trying to cultivate bonding within employees on the eve of festivals. The idea is to increase the employees’ morale so that they together work towards common goals. The festival of Makar Sankranti and kites go hand in hand. It’s a perfect opportunity to spread cheer and generate some goodwill within the formal corporate environ. Read More

How and what Facebook Gifts program work?

The social networking giant, Facebook, is vehemently tapping into the domain of social commerce and gifting to capitalize on the vast user base in the US. A spokesperson for the company has been quoted as saying, “There is a lot of scope for innovation in online and social gifting. The last noteworthy innovation was probably about 20 years ago with the advent of gift cards.”

You can buy real gifts for friends to celebrate birthdays, new jobs and other big moments. Just pick out the perfect gift, add your message and it’s ready to ship. To send a gift:

1.    Go to a friend’s timeline
2.    Click ‘Gift’ icon and pick out an item
3.    Select a card and add a personal message
4.    Review your order and then click Give Gift

Once you send a gift, the site will notify your friend and ask for their address. Your friend won’t see the price of the gift, but they can choose a different size, color or style. They can even swap it for another similarly priced gift before it ships. You can swap a gift within 24 hours of entering your address. For this:

1.    Click the account dropdown menu in the upper-right corner of any page and choose Account Settings
2.    From the menu on the left, select Gifts
3.    Click View Details beside your gift
4.    Beneath the billing information, click Swap Gift

Digital gifts (for example, gift cards) are delivered via email along with instructions for redemption. Once you open your gift, we’ll ask you to select the email address where you would prefer to receive it. If you don’t see your preferred email address as a delivery option, you may need to add it to your account.

When you receive a digital gift, the site will ask you for your preferred email address so that we can email you your gift along with specific redemption instructions. Generally, digital gifts can be redeemed using a barcode or gift certificate number.

Each gift is wrapped in unique Facebook packaging and comes with a card. Your shipping cost is determined by the price of the gift purchased. Certain items (ex: ice cream) require special handling and have additional charges. Before completing a purchase, you’ll see the shipping and handling charges on the order review page.

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Make a positive impression about your brand

Often as we enter a corporate office, we see a wide range of the place beautified with logos, company name and its punch line. Also offices are decorated with branded items may it be the clock at the manager’s desk, the calendar hanging on the cubicle wall, the pen stand at the reception, the coffee vending machine in the canteen or the business card holders! These items are an effective way to imprint the visitors’ minds about your company’s distinct identity. What else can you do to create a positive impression about your brand? Read More